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Broadford track day? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Broadford motorcycle complex has private track days if you can get a minimum of 10 people together. However they only do private days during the week, how many people would be interested given sufficient notice to arrange an RDO or to 'get sick'?

    We could have a Netrider only track day.
  2. How far in advance would we have to book a date? Maybe we wait until the weather starts getting better and we should have a few of them?

    I'm happy to offer free rider/race tuition for anyone interested?
  3. Netrider track days,bring it on.
  4. yeah need an exact day
    so they're wont be an ambo there waiting when i crash?
    oh most important question how much is it?>
  5. I seem to remember the Broadford track days with the group purchase (non-private track day) ending up at about $110-120 each. I'd be interested in this as i'm not so keen to head on down to PI for my first track day outing.

    *lurks off into the slower group until i can get my confidence up*
  6. Yep be interested in this.
    I'll take some of that tuition on offer too, thanks Johnny ;)
  7. Sounds like a good idea to wait for some nicer weather, but then, nothing's certain at any time of year is it?
    I haven't enquired about any details, only know what i read on their website, so thought I would guage interest?
    John, tuition would be AWESOME!

    So we'll wait to see how many are up for it and take it from there.
  8. I'd be interested in doing this as well....but is this Johnny guy any good??? :LOL:

    I heard he falls off alot... :LOL:
  9. Ha ha, they say "you learn from your mistakes"...... man I should know something :wink:
  10. There's an 'open practice day' at Broadford next Sunday, July 16, you have to get a recreation licence & join the Broadford club, which I think you can do on the day, I think it is about $100 all up for the day, I'll check with Motorcycling Victoria tomorrow.

    I might go out (if it's not raining) with my GSXR, but I'll only be taking easy with my stock fairing & lights on.
  11. And also a championship ride day the week after. (but that's a bit dearer).

    I'II come for a look next week if you're going Johnny O. Let me know for sure.
  12. I called Motorcycling Victoria, to ride at a Broadford open practice day (as per next Sunday the 16th of July), you can get a 'one day recreation licence' on the morning for $15, plus $110 track use fee. So for $125 you can ride on Broadford track, you can use a road bike but you need full leathers.
  13. The forecast is looking at a fine day this Sunday; who's coming for a casual play?
  14. Hello Mr O,

    I emailed Motorcycle Victoria hoping that they would give me some info on their practice days at Broadford. I asked what sort of license I need and cost etc.

    A bloke by the name of Patrick Fletcher emailed back (very polite and courteous email it was too....seems like a good bloke)....but he basically said...here's two people who do tracks days at broadford ring them!

    So whats the go?......Do they discourage plonkers like me from doing practice days??
  15. Hi :)

    I called Motorcycling Victoria, they told me that you can get a recreation licence on the day for $15, pay $100 track fee and $10 track development fee and you're away.

    Patrick is the manager at Broadford, he is a nice guy. Maybe if you could call MV, their web address is in above posts, see what they say to you?

    Maybe we tell Patrick what the office said and see what his response is?
  16. Well I did email MV on their info email address and somehow it was Patrick who replied....I don't doubt that your absolutely correct with costs and fees etc ...I'm sure that anyone can go out there and pay the fees and get a go....however I'm puzzled as to why MV didn't give me the same info??

    I thought he might want to keep the track practise days just for racers and keep the newbies for track days run by champions or whatever.

    I might be out there as well...doing a little tyre test if the guy is available...it just depends on the weather.
  17. whats the go with these practice days? i take it the difference from doing a ride day (i've done a couple with champions at broadford) is you get to fang around all day rather than be put into groups and have set sessions.
    What sort of numbers can you expect? The price is much the same ($125).
    I'll probably be at the champions day on 22 July if the weather is ok and i have can afford new chain and sprogs before then.
  18. If they don't get too many riders at an open track day, they don't separate into sessions or groups, you can just go in and out as you like.

    The open practice days are more directed at racers but I see heaps of road riders out there on open practice days.

    I generally go to open practice days over Champions days, apart from generally not having to be split into groups, I have a Broadford medallion which means I can ride there for free.
  19. Open practice days at Broadford can be split into groups if there are too many people there but this is usualy as a result of a discussion with the riders.
    Some of the road riders do like to be out with the racers which is cool by me but sometimes there can be a difference of 10 seconds a lap between the racers and the road guys so passing is done very swiftly.
    If the road guys can handle this then thats ok.