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VIC Broadford track day 20/6

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by whosthatguy, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Anybody going to the Broadford track day this Saturday 20/6?

    I'm planning on it and it will be my first track day. I'm pumped!

    I don't have leathers so I'm hiring a them (stink!).. I'm totally expecting to get hooked and I've been researching gear flat out for the past 2 weeks. This biking thingy is really addictive, i've gone from "looks at me mum I can ride with one hand" to "F*&% da PO-lease" in 18 months....... I've already convinced myself I need a track bike! hahaha WHOAAA TIGER! lets get the first track day under your belt...... I do nothing in half's!!!... except when I give up - half way through....

  2. You sound excited. Wait till you've finished the first session......!

    For gear watch the 'track junkies sales' Facebook page.

    Have fun and expect to be totally overwhelmed your first day. Soak it all in and remember to breath!
  3. You sound excited. Wait till you've finished the first session......!

    For gear watch the 'track junkies sales' Facebook page.

    Have fun and expect to be totally overwhelmed your first day. Soak it all in and remember to breath!
  4. There's no champions ride day on Saturday, it's on Sunday 21st.

    I may be there on Sunday if I'll sort out a few things.

    Are you riding in our trailing the bike?
    Is there anything specific you want to achieve on the first day?

    The best thing you can do for yourself is to have a plan for the day and following it.

    On the first day it could be riding no brakes to understand the track in the first session or two, then try to pick your markers (braking, apex).
    Then give yourself some play time of you are satisfied with what you've done.

    I suggest you not to lap time yourself at the start as it'll put some pressure on you.

    You don't want to get overexcited after the first session and then go down because of that later.

    Keep calm, enjoy it and remember there are many sessions coming because you'll get hooked.

    PM me if you'll need a hand.
  5. You could do worse than hooking up with Dima as your mentor whosthatguy.

    Good guy who well help you plenty.
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  6. Good suggestion that Dima mentioned - to set yourself goals to work towards.

    Although this, for me, only became possible to do from track day number two onwards. Found the first one really overwhelming and all thoughts of goals went out the window. Therefore my first comments about remembering to breath!

    Track days 3-5 where spent with specific goals in mind (foot position and body transition side to side, more aggressive late braking leading into trial braking, vision point (ie looking further forward, I tend to still focus on apex when tired sometimes). All these non-timed.

    When I recently again did a timed track day event I was quite chuffed to see my improvement. I also noticed that I improved my own PB a few times during the day bit only when I was closely following some faster bikes. Need to figure out why. Maybe need to spend the next day focusing on marker points to better race 'my own race'.

    Only tip I want to give for your first track day is to make sure your helmet / visor is well sorted and ventilated to prevent any fogging issues. Quite cold out there this time of year. Found out my pinlock anti fog insert on my Shoei was not totally sealing and fogging up halfway through the first session.
  7. Awesome advice and its welcomely revived. I don't really have expectations or goals for the day other than to simply get a feel for my bike and find out what my limits and limitations are. I'm anticipating I'll either love it or sh!t myself and never do it again.

    I'm doing on my daily ride and I have sport touring tires on so I don't plan on pushing it to much... Famous last words huh..

    Also I'm not going through champions, it's a rider day which the complex is running them selfs. Looks like they only run 4 or 5 a year. Alot cheaper too, only $120 and they offer a half day for $80. I emailed them and they said no bookings required, just get there early and let them know I'm a first timer.
  8. I'm keen to do a few track days each year - how much is shed hire? And does anyone group and go together, share shed costs,
  9. Garages at Broadford are free. PI is $70 for full garage or $15 per spot if booked in advance (a bit more on the day).

    Champions give a group booking discount.

    I organised the group booking before but not sure if I'll be doing it any time soon as I'm a bit too busy for now.
  10. Wow.. I have never heard the word 'FREE' associated with anything to with motorcycle and the track. Good to hear. Will have to look into a track soon.
  11. Have you ever done any track days Lexio?
  12. Only on borrowed Hyosungs
  13. I used to lend out Hyosungs
  14. You'd better be coming to PI in December
  15. Just need to clear with work - could be the Christmas show...
  16. That day, I should have stayed home. It was nothing but a gateway drug...