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Broadford Thunderbikes on the weekend

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Johnny O, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Hi Guy's, just thought I'd give an update on my outing at the Victorian Championships on the weekend, prior to the meeting being cancelled due the the tragic incident.

    I was a bit dissapointed in the turn-out in the Thunderbike class; only 5 riders turned up on the day, and the specification of each bike was going to ensure that there would be no close racing; there was a World Superbike Ducati 998, a factory kitted Honda SP1 from the Japanese Superbike Championship, my stock Benelli Tornado, a Ducati 748 and a 600cc Yamaha single in a 250GP chassis; and that is the order in which we qualified and finished in race one. I got the 'holeshot' (first away at the start) and led the race on the first lap but as soon as we got onto the long back straight, the SBK spec Duke blasted past me (nearly sucked my visor off on the way past!), I managed to battle with the SP1 for a couple of laps but I could only take so many risks in the corners trying to get a break so he didn't swallow me up down the straights, the SP1 passed me down the straight but I couldn't get him back : ( We didn't get to have another race due to the fatal accident; I am informed that the continuation of the meeting is to be carried out at the B & C grade meeting there in April (wonder if I can get more power by then?)

    The biggest field was the Formula 400 class, a lot of people enjoying the low cost aspect of that class.

    I must say thanks to deyago and chairman for dropping in to see me at Broadford, it was good to see you.

    Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of 'Tales of the intrepid Benelli'

  2. I guess you could always give it a big-bore by using a few TNT bits?

    EDIT: TNT 8)
  3. when is the next outing up there johnny o????
  4. "Mantra" !!! That's an air cooled, 900 Ducati V twin; do you mean TNT? Thought about that, it has a longer stroke; that means crank, rods and barrels, can't afford that, plus long stroke engines do not really make good track bikes for a number of reasons.
  5. I think the next Broadford outing may be the 19th & 20th of March for the 2nd round of the Australian BEARS Championships.
  6. March 12 & 13 has the Whittlesea 2 Day Open (What ever that is?) :)
  7. What about Winton this weekend? :D
  8. Yeh, Winton is this Sunday (Interclub), but the next Broadford meeting is the 19 & 20 th.
  9. Benelli want you to win races so they should give you the bits you want :D

    I assume the Tornado will also get a capacity hike soon?
  10. I think it is a motocross, hmmm, I could drag out the CCM 404, *ponders for a moment, then thinks about eating dirt all weekend; no thanks*
  11. They won't give me jack s@#t, tight arse Italians ;-(

    Just been advised that the 2006 Tornado will be a full 1000cc (yipeee)