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Broadford this w/end 2nd/3rd, who's comin?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. This weekend is a fundraising/fun race meeting to raise funds for the upkeep of Broadford race track.

    As I am still unable to compete due to my injuries, I will be riding out to watch/help out both days, may even try my hand at commentating :shock:

    Who wants to ride out with me? We can meet at, say, K Mart Campbellfield (Hume Hwy) at 8.30am both days? Who's up for it?

  2. I might be visiting a friend in albury/picking up a bike from that area over the weekend so will probaly drop past for a laugh at the lame commentators they have working these days! standards have really gone downhill... they let anyone on a mike now!
  3. Oh you cut me deep with your tongue :cry:

    Ah it'll be a laugh a minute :LOL: Don't think they'll let me on a second time though?
  4. Me and Pomy boy will be there cos he's racing :biker:
  5. as p nut said we'll b there. im on a black gsxr 600. no. 666
  6. Cool, if they let me loose on the PA, I'll give you mention ;-)
  7. Yep pencil me in for the Saturday Johnny. I have to wait and see how much I spend on the full service for the bike tomorrow. But i'm keen to get out there and check it out. Fiscal situation pending....
  8. Cool, I guess weather pending could make a difference to my leave time, I hate what riding in the rain does to my bike, not to mention how it makes me feel :)
  9. Yep No worries. If your not at the mystery ride on Thursday I'll just PM ya for your mobile number.
  10. Guy's, we're gunna have some track days at Broadford over Summer, come out and see how it's done; see pomy boy on-the-gas.
  11. a fundraising race meet?

    Wouldnt a fun raising Track Day make more sense?
  12. Maybe it might make more sense but these guy's are racing to raise funds.
  13. I would have to say the fundraising weekend at Broadford was a BLAST !!!
    The other half raced all weekend on his GPZ900R with an outstanding result in the endurance race :grin: 13th overall out of 24 in his event and on a bike that was not only the oldest in his class by at least 11 yrs and on a standed 18 inch wheel and road tyre....but he did the whole 45 min race SOLO unlike the younger ones teaming up with two riders and two bikes :p Congrats Babe... you and the old girl did a fantastic job :grin:
  14. Hey I saw that GPZ900 out there, well done. It looked good from a distance, never got a chance to come and look up close.
  15. Thanks Johnny O.... Yeah for an old girl that has been around Australia twice and then not ridden for god ..about 12 yrs she did a great job. Next time you see us there pop over for a chat.. Chris loves to talk about his baby haha.
  16. Cool, hope to catch up soon :grin: