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Broadford Tackday - 11th of Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' started by TuviReb, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. who's going? :p

  2. Not you if its the Xmas party. We'll need you there. Well...90% of us anyway.
  3. huh? ...
  4. oh snap :p nice one Aly xD
  5. ha I actually meant it in a nice way. I wasn't sure if he knew about the bbq. Looks like it might not be on the 11th now anyway due to the toy run
  6. Hang on...xmas bbq saturday, track day sunday?

    I don't see why you can't do both!

    Edit: Ok I didn't read Aly's last post :p
  7. Track is sunday
  8. I'm going to the toy run. I won't be doing a track day until I go there for training, and I'd advise others who haven't done an advanced course to follow suit (peeved that I couldn't get the viffer up to a standard I'm happy with for the PMCC race school yesterday).
  9. i will be there.
  10. Me 2 counting down
  11. which group u in?
  12. Its ok, Im not in your group. :D
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  13. int slow?
  14. going, trying out the new 400 engine
  15. You all booked in?

    I might come down for a look and would love to have a look at your 400 :)...you racing next year?
  16. Is that your group?
  17. Yeh all booked in, might need some technical expertise in case its something more than a sparkplug :) looking at racing next yearand joining PMCC for their interclub, just depends on how this ride day goes
  18. fyi interclub does not exist anymore. it has been replaced with a new series that has either a saturday only event with sprint races or you can enter both days with longer races on the sunday for extra $$$
  19. nah... first track day so goin begginers group