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Broadford - Sat 17/12

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by tim, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Anyone else going?

    Looking forward to it after race school last weekend
  2. Was going to go but I have booked into PI on the 20th instead.

  3. What are the details? Is there any tuition involved?
  4. Tracday with champions, no tuition
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  5. No, you can get tuition at these ride days. There is always instructors/racers there and you can pay to have them with you for the day.

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  6. im thinking about it as i cant make it to the one this weekend, and if funds allow i reckon i would pop for some tuition
  7. Thanks for that. I'll look it up.

    Thanks for that. I assume that I can book an instructor for a couple of hours through Champions.
  8. ^^^ Yes, you can book the instructors (Level 1, 2 or 3) through the website when making your booking.

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  9. Have you done it quo? Worth the money?
  10. I'm looking forward to my first time around Broadford! Thanks to SammyA for letting me tag in after his poor gixxer has decided it no longer wants to put up with his abuse ;)
  11. Hnnnnng I wanna go but I have to go to a BBQ
  12. The first time I did Broady I paid to have a coach for the day. To be honest, I didn't get a hell of a lot out of it and learnt more from talking to racers/more experienced people in the pits. For track riding lessons I would be more inclined to do CSS day at PI.

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  13. thanks mate thats what i was thinking of doing myself, some css. i learnt heaps from a guy who i was pitted next to, great stuff!
  14. I was wondering about that. You've answered my question before I could ask. Thanks for that. I think I'll bide my time and save my money until I can go to CSS level 1.
  15. CSS is fantastic! I'm looking to finally take the lessons from attending Level 1 at the end of October and put it into practice on a track, rather than stuffing about in the hills. It'll be good to bring it all together on a really technical track like Broadford too.
  16. I'll be there if all works out. I might have to work but I might just book it anyway so I can get out of it haha.

  17. For those going, I'll have a red/white/blue Honda and MattieP will have a black 675 and will try and be in the pits closest to admin office. Come over and say hello if you see us.

    Looking forward to it....
  18. Booked!!!

    I'll be Blue group on the beast - look out for me!

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  19. Brothers in now too!

    Just don't remind me how much money I'm giving away by turning down SUPER DUPER overtime this Sat.

    Watch out for this crazy Italian Stallion hahaha

    What do you guys think of our new aprilia rs250? ?

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  20. Great meeting you guys today, I had an absolute blast.

    I love going to the track. Just love it!