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Broadford ride day TOMORROW 19/11/2011

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Sheeth, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I'll be there with my old beaten up ZX6r, anyone else going to be there I should look out for??


    First track day since I left for overseas in July! YESYESYes!
  2. Well I had a ball!!

    Lap times down from 1:14s to 1:08s, really really happy with my progress and the day.

    Here are some pics of me on the BEAST haha It's such a joke I love it.

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  3. Nice one, Sheeth ! Looking good there, mate (y)
    Couldn't make this one, damnit ! Hopefully soon.
  4. Haha no stress Nick! I'll probably be back in 3 weeks - Hopefully see you then!!
  5. 6 second improvement over last time,,,,well done mate!
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  6. I seen you out yesterday in our group :D Actually I think you were camped right outsideour shed too lol.

  7. LOL isn't motorcycling a small world. I was the guy with the red/black 2010 CBR thou you were talking to towards the end of the day, didn't realise you were a netrider. Pictures look great mate, and thats a massive improvement in times too!

    See you at the next one!
  8. No way!

    Glad to of met you mate, see you at the next one!
  9. Are these open track days? Me wants in :D
  10. No way! Which bike were you on? It really is a small world.

    It was a Champion ride day James, they have one at Broadford almost every month, next one I think is the 11th of December, and I'll be there for sure.

    If you want to look it up: http://championsridedays.com.au/portal/component/option,com_eventman/
  11. Little red hyo! There's another one dec 11? This looks good
  12. Oh I saw you there!! How did it go??
  13. Really good. Had am awsome day. And you!
  14. That's a healthy improvement, Sheeth. :)
    1:08's Are starting to look good, mate.

    What do you put your improvent down to?
    (just curious as what things might have got you going more quickly)

    I was there but not riding.
  15. Thanks for the complements raven!!

    A huge amount of things changed in between this track day and my last there before my trip in July, both on the bike and with my own riding. I’ll start with the bike.

    Last time out the ‘old school’ riding position was getting in my way, pegs to low and running out of lean and bars too high and not getting enough weight over the front. It didn't really work for a 'modern' body position anyway. So we lowered the clip ons below the triple clamps, and cut and welded the pegs to get a few more inches (I love FREE mods!). It gave me a HUGE difference in feel, body position and ground clearance. The biggest difference was that I didn't get touch down on the pegs once. Last time I was touching every corner, and I’d say it had something to do with my little ‘woopsy’ too.

    Then we were lucky enough to bump into a friends dad whos been around trackdays for YEARS and he helped sort the suspension to be a heaps more compliant, this made 2 seconds difference strait away! Gave me heaaaps of confidence too and feel in what was going on underneath.

    This was only my 4th track day and it all started to click. I started picking gears and using braking markers as well as getting the confidence to feel the grip below me and push heaps harder coming out of the turns. Just as importantly though was getting some great advice again from my friends dad on line, and pushing myself to go up to the Blue group. I dropped another 2 seconds a lap by switching groups, faster riders faster me! I found myself doing almost the same level of overtaking on the Blue group, my pace had gone up with the level of the group.

    Anyway sorry for the essay! It was a huge number of things that made the huge difference in my time, I’m sure I’ll keep improving next time out but I doubt by another 6 seconds!! Haha
  16. That's cool. You've got a sharper tool to ride, giving you greater confidence, and planning your way around the track more intently.

    Long as you've got the tyres, and honed your hard braking skills, I see no reason why you won't improve a bit more.