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Broadford Ride Day - Friday 9th February [CANCELLED]

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser3, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. I am heading to a Ride day at Broadford on Friday 9th February with Ridetek, This rideday can actually accomodate any level of rider, from learners to the experianced. It will be one of the best days at Broadford because they are not taking anymore than 45 bookings, you get 7 sessions of 20min.

    "Ridetek track days are graded so they are suitable
    for everyone from the "Ride Day Virgins" on 250's to "Ride Day Junkies" on R1's."

    Cost is $165 Price Drop $120.00


  2. This would be an excellent day for track day newbies, as the Broadford Circuit does not have the (daunting?) high speed corners of PI. It has 3 long corners, 2 RH and one LH, with entry speeds of around 80kph, and a few others, good for practicing on. And with a couple of straights for a blast, is good fun.

    A map of the circiut is here. http://www.motorcyclingvic.com.au/broadford/bfordmap.htm

    My wife will be doing an Advanced Rider Training Course there with StayUpright on Friday 16th Feb, and a Cornering and Braking course with me on Saturday 17th Feb. This is the second year we have participated there.
  3. I actually can't wait, I am doing a day on the 21st Jan then taking my son to a MA Practice Day on the 28th Jan, then back on the 9th Feb for another blast then I think I will head to Phillip Island.
  4. Hi there,

    I have been busting to do a trackday at Broadford since I got my licence and I finally found myself some race leathers this week - so now there's nothing stopping me! :grin: (just wish there were more weekdays available as I work weekends)

    It would be good to meet some fellow NRs there as well, but I am wondering if there is anyone who might be able to help me with some 'pre-scrutineering' info. I want to make sure the old Spada is up to scratch before heading there!
  5. I was told yesterday that the price of these days has dropped.
    Now only $120

    JL, as long as your bike is in good working order, I guess that means roadworthy you should have no problems.
  6. Spoke to Mel (the guy who takes the bookings, friendly guy) and booked in today for the 9th - I can't wait!

    It's more of a staff/friends day on the 9th apparently, and at the moment will cost more to cover the cost of track hire due to very low numbers (around 10 at the moment), but Mel was happy to let other NRs join on that day as well and the final price would be adjusted accordingly. Seems fair enough to me for the benefit of less traffic...

    Anyone else interested?
  7. JL. welcome aboard, what sort of bike do you have?
    Should be a great day then, sounds like it will be just on and off the track anytime you like, that saves the 3/4 of an hour wait between sessions for most track days. I was there sunday and it's a great track to have a fang on.
  8. Howdy doit!

    I'll be riding a Spada so the straights will be slow, but it's the cornering that I'm looking forward to! :D
  9. You guys riding up there ot trailering the bikes up?
    How long a ride is it? :?
  10. deafwish: I'll be riding up, don't have the luxury of a trailer... it's not too far out of Melbourne apparently - ~75 kays towards Sydney... If you want to come and ride up together that's cool as I'm in Hawthorn (not too far from "near Chadstone"). Just gotta take it easy on the way back as it's gonna be a long day :)

    Any other takers yet? It seems so far away!
  11. I will be throwing my bike in the van. But it's not a bad ride there either, freeway all the way, it's less than and hour from the city.
  12. Anyone else heading up to Broadford this Friday?
  13. If it's not going to be a scorcher,
    I may dawdle on up for a look.
  14. I was there as well on Sunday. Saturday as well. Great race meet but OMG it was hot. Quite a few offs as well. especially just out of the flip flops. Very funny watching one rider come off there , jump up and run up the hill and over the fence for a reassuring hug for his lady. when the ambo got there there was a moment when they couldn't figure out where he was.

    Dont know about there being no fast long corners at broadford though . Turn 1 I'd rate as pretty fast , and the turn leading back onto the home straight never ends. There's some interesting bits though . The 90 degree right at the end of the long top straight leads down fast into the flip flops. Cool section.

    edit - strictly spectating btw :)
  15. Thought this thread had died... :(

    I am really looking forward to this Friday!

    Got a new front tyre put on today, so I'm gonna head out now and scrub up some slow easy kays on it around my 'hood. What a strange feeling picking it up at lunchtime and riding back to work - it felt like it was almost floating. The bike felt higher as well - maybe my front tyre had worn _really_ low? Then again I was changing from a battlax to a arrowmax to match the rear - don't know if that makes much difference as it's my first front change since I've been riding :?

    I have a friend riding up with me now as well which will be great as he's a virgin too :)

    I'll be on a red Spada with a stupid grin on my face and he'll be on a blue R1. Looking forward to meeting some fellow netriders! (and maybe getting some tips on the day :grin: )

    Hopefully my back protector arrives before then...

    K8 - btw what was being raced there? I am interested in seeing some twin sprints action in the future as hopefully I can afford an SV when I'm off my restrictions...
  16. Spoke to Mel today, looks like this will be a great day, there will be no sessions as there will only be about 20 riders, yep you can ride until you are stuffed all day.

    The gates open at 7.30am and the track action starts at 9.00am.
    I am so looking forward to this format.
  17. Hi JL

    Hartwell Motorcycle club had their first meet for the year . Next one is at Mt Gambier. Great club and a great way of competing in the various categories, for both novice and experienced. Their website is a bit slow on the info , but I'll see what I can do as far as info goes if your interested.
    Warning though . Club racing can be a touch expensive to set yourself up . On the other hand , its a brilliant way of being around bikes and those who love them and having a go on track. SV would be a good bike to race I think. Even the yesteryear bikes are covered though and from what I can see age or sex is no barrier to having a go. Some of the bikes are just a dream to look at , and from what I saw these people are living their dreams. Very well organised. Great fun. I'm spending this year supporting a friend and learning how it all works.
    Club Racing rocks.....
  18. Sorry to butt in on the thread Doit. Hope you have a great day. Watch those flip flops :) Great track .
  19. Cheers for the info K8, I'll check out the Hartwell site... the new Twin Sprints seems like a good way to try racing as the allowed modifications are minimal to keep the bikes close to stock and make it more affordable. I've had a peek around some other forums and there is quite a bit of info and friendliness between the guys competing in this class at state club level. As a newbie a 650 twin is probably not going to be as hairy as a 4 banger to begin with and at the same time could still be a decent street bike with minimal mods for race/street prep. Anyway, this probably belongs in another thread and there are a few on this already....

    Good news is after clocking up 100 kays tonight my new front tyre feels a lot better, but the _BAD_ news is when I went to fill up the tank I noticed a :furious: NAIL IN MY REAR TYRE WHICH IS ONLY A MONTH OLD!!! :tantrum: :cry: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    doit - do you know if plugged tyres are frowned upon during scrutineering? The power coming out of the rear wheel of my bike isn't exactly tyre shredding madness. I think I'll give Mel a call in the morning to confirm...
    Godd news about numbers too!
  20. Hi Doit, I read this and got really excited so I rang Mal to get in on the Action.

    He sad that they were not taking any more than the 20 riders they already have. Is there any way you can pull some strings so I can come along and meet you all. I have done a fair few track days and lap PI in 1:55's consistently.

    Cheers Adrian