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Broadford Ride Day 30 Oct

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by FALCON-LORD, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. For my birthday a bunch if people got together and bought me a voucher for an Instructed ride day at Broadford.
    So I am signed up for the 30th of October… :D
    Oh Bring it On! :biker:

  2. Congrats. Who with?
  3. The voucher is through one of those adventure experience companies, so I am assuming they are not who is actually running the day.
    Not sure who the actual “school” is
  4. Through Red Balloon? Should be fun Falcon-Lord.

    My missus bought me a voucher for a track day at Broadford a couple of years ago, where you can "take your bike to its limits". At the time being on a Spada and still on restrictions I thought it would've been wasted, so I opted to change it for have a go on a microflight, those two-seater hanggliders with an engine.

    Anyway, F-L, have fun which I'm sure you will.
  5. Still haven’t got my conformation mail from the booking company (And it looks like they are on holidays today)
    Is booked through “freemanx” looks like the day is run by RRPA (Road Race Performance Academy) (They have one at Broadford on the day)
  6. The ride day on 30th Oct at Broadford is a Champions Ride day (who do RRPA).

    Sounds awesome - great gift. Enjoy it, I know you will! :grin: let us know how it went when you're done :)
  7. Feeling....The....Need....To.... BOOK FOR ANOTHER TRACK DAY ARGHHHH! :LOL:
  8. So how do people do it?
    I want to get to the track with a full tank at 8:00AM…
    I am trying to find a servo to top my tank off at Broadford, any one with any advice?
    Also what do people generally ware under there leathers (These will be hire ones so free balling is not an acceptable option)
  9. How do people do what? Track days? There should be a couple of posts here about track day prep, since you're riding up, bring some tools that will allow you to take your mirrors off, tape up any glass you can't/don't remove. Remove bag racks too :)

    there is a BP servo around 10 clicks away from the Broadford turnoff. If you want closer, when you take the turn off, turn left into the city itself and there is a servo there.
  10. take a gerry can with you if you you are trailering the bike (good idea as after 5/6 sesions you will be knackard!) and have a full tank in the bike for the journey.

    I wear thermals under my leathers but they can get quite hot and sticky so maybe worth investing in some skins - and exactly what the dude said above, take rego off, mirrors off and holes taped, and tape lights, but not sure this is needed at broadford, it wasn't last time i went. also, your tyres will have to have a decent amount of tred on them or they wont pas scrutineering
  11. i was told that push bike pants and the shirts/tops stop your leathers sticking to you.....dunno if it actually works, but it sounds like a good idea to me
  12. I am not going to be able to trailer,
    I’ll have tools for doing mirrors and Plate.
    Thanks for the info about the servo.
    I am thinking a Cheap motel if I am to knackered at the end of the day for the return trip
    So light tracky pants and a T shirt should be fine then for under the leathers? (I don’t have thermals) or should I go shorts?
  13. there's a servo in Broadford township, cnr of Strath Creek Rd and High St (main street). opposite the motel

    Having helped a number of first time ride day / race school attendee's the following may be of use to you.

    1] Trailer your bike to the track. While you will be able to ride to the track, at the end of the day you will be tired, subsequently the ride home will be a pain and/or dangerous ( fatigue ).
    2] Stuff to take with you...
    water & poweraide etc = good, softdrink = bad, alcohol = no ride
    instant energy.. bananas etc
    *Basic tools to adjust suspension etc, tyre pressure guage you trust, duct ( race ) tape for the lights & mirrors

    Have fun.

    seems i've doubled up on what others have already said...opps
  14. Thanks for that…
    So is that servo (cnr of Strath Creek Rd and High St) likely to be open at 7:30ish Friday morning?
    As I said I’ll likely grab a motel after the session to avoid fatigue issues
    Is there potable water available on site or should I bring in everything I want to drink?
  15. So is that servo (cnr of Strath Creek Rd and High St) likely to be open at 7:30ish Friday morning?
    I would say so, as its the servo the locals use. Earliest I've ever been there is 8 - 8.30

    As I said I’ll likely grab a motel after the session to avoid fatigue issues

    Is there potable water available on site or should I bring in everything I want to drink?
    Inside the scrutineering/office shed at the top of 'B' row of garages there is a water tank that is used to fill the urn. may be drinkable....I've always taken my own bottled water etc
  16. Thanks again (y)
  17. I'd go the shorts/boxers or skins option and a tshirt at the most for the leathers, I doubt you would fit even light track suit pants under them and be comfortable.

    Have fun
  18. 10 days to go.
    I have fabricated some plugs to replace the mirrors when they come off,
    I have the tool kit sorted.
    I have a Petrol Stop sorted
    I have accommodation Sorted
    I just have to make some decisions on food and drink then I am ready to rock… I think

    Any one else going to be there?
  19. Im there on the 31st.
    First track day for me!
  20. I should be there I think... Yay.