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Broadford racer practice dates

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys, the following are the dates off the MAV website for the proposed free practice days at the Broadford roadrace circuit, print it out and stick it on your fridge.

    You need to be in a club and have a race licence for these days, I think a club membership and one-day licence can be issued on the day?

    I'm going to try and get to a few of them, probably mostly be Sunday's as I have to work at Cosway's on Saturday's.

    If anyone is interested, I am happy to offer some free race tuition/advice on any day that I am out there, I think I'll try and plan for Sept 30 for my first outing?

    Sat 22
    Sun 30

    Sun 7
    Sun 28

    Sat 3
    Sun 11
    Sun 18
    Fri 23
    Fri 30

    Sun 16
  2. Hey John, I thought you gave up the work at Cosways? Maybe I was just dreamin'?
  3. Re: Broadford free-practice dates

    John, I think they extended it to be full seniors licence, club or national.

    Link Here

    If you want a race licence, join a club ($50 to $75) and then $250 for a Senior Club Licence. MV practice days are $100 + $10 track levy.
  4. Oh thanks Cliff, so people wishing to ride can join a club and get a club day licence, cool
  5. As long as they do the full licence, yup. It's still cheap if you do heaps of track days. At a saving of only $25 per time though, it'd take a while. I think they changed the rules as I'd noticed more road bikes up there and some looked a little unsure. I think at a track day that's cool, but at the practice days there are people like you doing sub 1.02's around the place.
  6. I was only working Saturdays, now I am full-time :)
  7. Oh, cool, good for you.
  8. So this is not a track day there will be racers there?
  9. You guess correctly.
  10. Hey Nightgash, don't be put off by racers. you will be in good hands with Johnny O. I have known him for 30 years, and can vouch for his ability. He has a sensible way of explaining how to ride. He probably wouldn't like me "pumping up his tyres" like this, But do yourself a favour and go to one of his race schools. You will learn more in 1 day there than you will learn in a month of trackday rides.
  11. Where is this race school you talk about? Is it at Broadford? Unfortunately Philip Island is just way to far away for me but I would love to go on that track.

    I just had a look at the Motorcycling Victoria website and it seems you cannot buy a temp license on the day but now must join a club and buy a full license which is quite expensive if you are just considering one track day.
  12. Winton only costs $100 for a Friday, you only need a helmet!
  13. John, you need a senior race licence to attend a MV practice day, according to their new rules and policies as per my previous post. Unless there is another way.
  14. So they used to have a temp license you could buy on the day and not have to join a club?
  15. I was there on Sunday at the Hartwell seniors meeting and asked about the change.
    No one knew about free practice days - they had run open days but increased use meant a rethink. as per cejay link.

    From September 01
    Champions have the contract to now run all Ride/Track Days. 25/30 per year.

    Metrakit and parents run the junior u/16 practice days. 15/20 per year

    MV run the Race Practice Days prior to club race meetings and "the when possible" set up days at Broadford for race meetings at other tracks in Victoria. 20/25 each year. [minium club senior licence] which is ok by me.
    M/C Clubs have been offered these days to run but weekdays are hard to staff.
    All days have marshals and St John - and all [except the juniors parents] have to be paid.

    Steve #2
  16. Thanks for the clarification. It's good that Champs have got the track day licence too. Hopefully it will give them the stability to plan and expand their operation. I've really enjoyed the days I've done with them.

    As for race schools, check out the local clubs. I'm a Preston member and I know they've done these recently. Clubs want more people to take part and you don't have to go the new bike route that I went to race.
  17. Not for Winton, they are different from Broadford
  18. Sorry John, I didn't read that correctly. Winton is the way to go then.
  19. So what day are we all going to Winton? :grin:
  20. I understand that you have to buy a special Winton licence to be covered at Winton practice days.
    Winton run their Friday practice days without an MV Permit so your MV licence is worth jack whatever ?
    A statement from Winton track managers would be interesting.
    Do they own the land - all claims end up with the landowner.