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Broadford race school / ride day Oct 30

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Preston Motorcycle Club is running another Race School / Ride Day @ Broadford. Come out for some no-bull speed tips or just to experience a fast pace with friends.

    Two classes, 'novice fun class' and Racer 'get on it' class; you'll fit into one of them..... be there!

    I'll update with pricing and further details real soon.

    Regards, Johnny O
  2. The entry form is now on the PMCC website
  3. Hey Guy's,

    Things are looking good for this months race school, we're trying something new this time; for a couple of sessions, pupils will be led out to track vantage points with a few instructors while other instructors circulate to properly show how it's done (or not done lol).

    Remember friends are welcome to come along and can sit in on the classroom session for free.
  4. Any other NR's riding up and want to meet up for the journey?
  5. Oh Mike, does that mean I can get the sack, spelling Preston incorrectly, must be a sackable offence, surely!
    Thanks for putting in the correct link.:angel::angel::angel:

    For those that have phoned today... you can find the entry form under "entry forms".........
  6. Sue, as Preston's living treasure, you are irreplaceable and talk of sacking is not allowed....

    A small token of my gratitude in reply, for the amazing amount of work you do for the club.=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>

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  7. oh Mike, thankyou so much.... how did you know I love any sort of a rose, especially the smelly ones?
    The PMCC journey has been amazing, especially when you see our juniors on the podium at Silverstone, last weekend at the Southern Classic our historic road racers collecting the silverware, the week before the strength of our members within the Australian Grand Prix wildcards and in the support classes and the comradeship which goes right through the club and encompasses all, from novices to Australian Champions. It is a great road racing club and I am very proud to be a Preston member.
    Looking forward to the race school, they are always good and the weather should be kind to us once you cross the great divide.
  8. Thanks to all who attended and made it a great day. xxxxxxx
    The weather held out to 2'sh... then flood conditions.
    The 13 year drought has broken. The drought has been very kind to m/c road racing, we cannot complain about the rain too much!
    5 races for the juniors, including the wet, we all know there is a future GP Champ there.
    To the road race school participants, thanks for taking the "plunge". One on one, was not too bad eh?
    Look forward to the next PMCC race school in Feb 2011
  9. Thanks PMCC for another great day! Getting that one on one instruction through out the day was really helpful and the continuous feedback really helped stopping it from going in one ear and out the other. Even the wet weather riding was a blast, turning in to the back straight with a fogging visor was certainly an experience! Looking forward to the next one so I can continue working on those lines! Although I'm sure I'll continue to need reminding as to what they are!
  10. so there was lots of rain?
  11. Thanks Parko, the next PMCC race school will be in February, where I am sure the weather will be kinder.