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Broadford Race School 6th Nov

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cossie, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Anyone else doing this one? It's on a Friday so probably less people than the last one in August.

    Certainly worth doing if you're just getting into track days or want to improve a bit more.

    Hopefully Johnny O will be running it again?

  2. do you know how much it will be? i'm racing there in a few weeks..
  3. Should be an excellent day.

    Yes there will most likely be less people however that will provide you with more attention from the instructors. Johnny-O will definitely be there along with some very fast and helpful PMCC riders.

    Something that should not be missed if you are looking to get into racing or even improving valuable skills on the road.
  4. Yep this will be an excellent day for anyone wanting to step up to track days from sport road riding or improve their track riding or for those interested in competing.

    Being a weekday, I don't expect many riders, so if you are not feeling overly confident about riding on a track, this will be good, we are only expecting about 20 riders to participate in the school so you'll feel comfortable on the track and you'll get plenty of instructor time.

    Paul you are instructing aren't you?
  5. I should be JO, like I said it depends on if I can get a ride for the day. I will have to ask around, any bike will do, doesn't have to be a 125 :D

    Even Mikes ZX-10 will be good :D, 215km/h down the front straight.:D

    I will let you know asap
  6. err, Paul, that never happened (y)

    Sadly I don't think that I can be there....little thing called work.....:-({|=

    Will however be manning the usual station the rest of the weekend.

    Should be some awesome racing....Hughie Hoare Endurance races, Juniors, Junior enduro...\\:D/
  7. I never said it did mike, just assuming it would go that quick :D

    I have the 125 for the day so I will be out there.

    JO, do you have Peter Scotts lesson plans? they are extremely well prepared and definitely a good guide to follow in terms of teaching new riders compared to experienced riders.

    We will really have to gauge what level everyone is at and adjust the program to suit.

  8. I have a mate with an R6 that is interested but he doesn't have his unrestricted license yet.

    Would this be an issue?
  9. You do NOT need any road licence for this day, a 'one day' race licence is organized.
  10. On Tristan's advice I plan on going, would be my first time on a track ......
    (due to impending suspension I may be spending a lot more time there(!!!!)
  11. I'm keen if I can get the day off. Same week as Cup Weekend may make it tough.
  12. what is roadworthy condition, does that mean adr complaint, ie speedo etc or just tyres, brakes, fluid levels (and no sharp or pointy bits) same as track days setup
  13. I'd come JO but as above, same week as cup day and I'm at Phillip Island then. Would love to help out again on the 6th but the boss wouldn't cut me any slack on this one.
  14. Damn...I wish I can make it. I have work which I don't think I can get out of. If I end up going, Paul you can have a ride on the VFR400 if you want...it needs a bit of tuning so might need someone else to help me out since I have no clue how a bike should really behave :?
  15. No worries Phong, I would be happy to help you out.

    I'll be riding the 125 but I'll need to leave at 1 so i can go to work.

    Be good if you can make it.

  16. I will be there again can't wait :D