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Broadford race practice, this Sun 21st

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Broadford practice day tomorrow $100

    This Sunday the 21st of Feb is an open practice day at Broadford (Saturday is a Champions day), who has a race licence and is coming out, it'll be hot.

  2. Hey Guy's, if you wanted to get lots of track time at Broadford, tomorrow may be the day, with it being so hot tomorrow and World Supers next week, I don't expect many riders out there.

    Anyone who did the Preston ride/race school day will already be a member of the club, you can get a one-day licence tomorrow for $20, I think it is $100 for practice days, so you can ride your ass off for only $120 !

    Practice days are 10am to 4pm
  3. Gee thats good value... Wish id got my bike serviced before last week and did the ride/race school.
  4. You guys missed an awesome day, no rain, 3 groups alternating all day...

    Group 1, 3 x Juniors on 125's.

    Group 2, 2 x 400's and 2 x classic bikes.

    Group 3, 7 x 600's and 5 x Superbikes.

    There is another this Sunday, I won't make as I'm having a shoulder op this week but there will be fark all peeps there with the Supers on.
  5. Hey... so just to make sure, it this open to those who just part of the "road" group (ie. first timers...)? As I'd love to make it down again before the 15th!
  6. I'd be a little careful as I think being race practise it's aimed at fast riders. You stand a very good chance of becoming a dangerous mobile chicane if you're not up to pace! You might be better doing a Champions day?

    Johnny might know a bit more though?