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Broadford - Preston Club race school/track day, Sat Aug 15

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    Preston Club are running another 'Introduction to Roadracing' (I2R) day at Broadford on Saturday 15th of August, it will be the day before the interclub race meeting on Sunday the 16th.

    Everyone that did the last I2R seemed to like it and got something out of it, those that only observed at the last one have expressed a desire to be included in this one.

    You are not required to have a racing licence, a 'one day' licence will be arranged on the morning for you. If you have done track days before and are thinking of maybe doing the club race meeting on the Sunday, I suggest you speak to Francis at Preston club; he'll be able to arrange an annual licence for you.

    I expect there to be around 40 positions so you'll have to be quick to contact Francis at Preston club to put your name down for it. I expect there to be around 4 or 5 instructors as per last time, I'll be helping out also.

    Depending on the number of each type of bike booked in, we may split the on-track groups into 'up to 400cc' and 'over 400' as per last time.

    I expect the day to cost about $180 all up, may even have a $5 BBQ lunch.

    You will love this type of day, you'll get a bit of one-on-one attention on the track with vastly experienced racers following & leading you around the circuit.

    I suggest going through the Preston Motorcycle Club's website to get a hold of Francis.... www.prestonmcc.com.au

    PLEASE NOTE, This is a non profit day, all workers and instructors do so on a volunteer basis.
  2. Okay I have confirmation on the pricing...

    Race school - $130

    12 month Preston Club membership - $30 (normally more than double that)

    One day race licence - $20

    Total - $180

    If you are in an MA affiliated club subtract the $30, if you have a race licence subtract the $20.
  3. Just 'cut' this from the Preston Club website...

    All 2009 PMCC RoadRace Schools and Fundays are held at Broadford.

    1. Sunday 1st February.
    2. Saturday 15th August.
    2. Saturday 28th November.

    The cost for non-members is $180 and this includes all entry fee (One Event Rec Licence, 12 Months club membership and entry fee).
    All you need is to be an Ambulance subscription, full leathers, boots, helmet, gloves, back protector and your bike in roadworthy condition.
    We ask that you either remove or tape up any glass on your machine.

    Instructors for the day will be 'A' grade riders John Orchard (Superbike) and Peter Scott (125 GP), as well as several top Preston MCC riders.

    The day will allow you to just get onto the track and rider around like a normal track day or if you wish you can join in with the race school for no extra cost.

    Also on the day we are holding the first round of the Victorian Junior Roadrace Titles.

    Call Francis on 0413 622 079 to book you place. Numbers limited.
  4. Cheap as chips.
  5. This sounds awesome, I've talked to Francis on the phone and it sounds like a great day. I'm in, can't wait.
  6. Like wise! See you there :)
  7. Love to come, will I be out of place on the 250cc Ninja?

    Also - full leathers required?
  8. It say's in my above post that you need leathers.... what size are you, I've got a spare set that I use for Supermotard, I am 182cm/86kgs.

    A 250 will be ok but only if it is in good condition, say a new Ninja, CBR or RGV would be ok but say a tired old '86 GPX250 probably wouldn't.

    For any road riders, you can't go fast, safely, if you've got a blown rear shock or shagged tyres, you really are wasting your time coming to a track day if your bike is not right. Get your local shop to give it a quick look over if you're not sure. Or give me a yell, I'm in Reservoir, I'm happy to have a look at it for you.
  9. Ahh Sorry Johnny missed that bit about the leathers.

    I'm like 190cm's 70-80kg's. Not really sure on weight actually. You've met me!

    Will need new back tyre first.

    I'll get back to you (or probably straight to Preston club) if I'm in. Been hanging for a day like this! Just need a bigger bike :(
  10. Road fairings only or race glass accepted aswell?
  11. If you've got road, just tape up the glass. Anything is cool.... run what ya brung :)
  12. Ran my Across on that track, slow but heaps of fun and learned heaps.

    I'll be there, hopefully I'll have my VFR fixed by then and ready for practice and race ;).

    phong =P~
  13. I'm keen... see what I can keep up with ;)
  14. do you have a Motard now Johny? or by that do you mean the ones that you lent me to use on my tards?
  15. :( Missed last one earlier this year
    :LOL: Already booked for this one
  16. Does this go ahead with rain, hail or shine?

    I hope the weather is OK!

    I'll probably ring Francis tomorrow
  17. I've saved them for when I get a Motard...... one day ;-)
  18. It'll go ahead rain, hail or shine, I don't expect too many people showing if it rains though.

    Lucky you pay on the morning though, so if it you bail out, you don't lose.
  19. What does it matter ( rain hail or shine ), the tracks nearly as grippy in the wet, and you get to practice the less used skills ( mr sqiggle ) more
  20. It's still more comfortable to ride in the dry though.