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Broadford open practice day, Sun Jan 28

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by JohnnyO, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. According to the Motorcycling Vic website the Broadford track is open for practice on Sunday the 28th of Jan. I will ride there, cut some laps, then ride home. Who's coming? Cost is $110 for the day, you just need full leathers. I will be available to give riding tips all day.

    Regards, Johnny O
  2. Hiya Johnny,

    Yep....I could well be up for this one :cool:

    What time are you aiming to get there?
  3. Don't want to spoil your fun guys but the 2nd Feb is FRIDAY.
  4. Oh is it? Oops, maybe there is a race meeting on that weekend? I'll call Broady to see if there are any other days, stay tuned :)
  5. Yep, Hartwell MCC champs Rd1 Feb 3/4
  6. there is a practice day on the friday, but im guessing itll b pretty packed due to the races. im racing over the weekend there but i think ill give friday a miss.
  7. There is also a MV practice day on Sunday the 28th Jan.
  8. probly go to that 1
  9. Yep you are right, I just called the broadford phone recorded message. I will go to that if the weather is ok.
  10. r u racing this year johny o ???
  11. Hey JohnnyO,

    How does a person get to come along on the 28th?

    What's a "MV" practice day? "Motorcycling Victoria" or something? I'd need to join MV first?


    + VapourLock
  12. Just thought I'd put my two cents in and say Good Luck to all those racing at Broadford :grin: Just watch out for the little guy on the GPZ900R :LOL: :LOL: He'll be the fluro green blur going past you at the starting grid :cool: :biker:
    All laughing aside... Ride hard and stay upright :) See you there :grin:
  13. Weather pending, although the weather is usually better at Broadford than it is in Melb
  14. You just need to show up, go to the control tower and get a one day licence which is $15.00 and then strart practicing.
  15. broadford 28th

    I'm new to this site .( Joined 2 minutes ago ) To do a practice day at broadford , who do I pay and how much , do I need to be a member of a club How does a practice day run
    eg Checking bike and gear to get on to track
    Thanks for any info you nice people can help me with
  16. Dear all,

    You just roll up on the day, pay $110 which gives you membership to the Broadford motorcycle club, a one-day licence allowing you to practise and it also covers the daily practise fee. After filling out a couple of documents you can then ride all day.

    You only need a full leather suit, your bike does not get checked....... it couldn't be easier!
  17. Thanks johnny o I will get myself organised
  18. So where the hell was everyone????
  19. I was there, what a magic day, weather was just perfect. Today it was my son's chance to ride the Black R6 with a few drama's because some people just can't help themselves.

    The Drama's:
    My son has an MA senior licence, so we go and register for the day, I told them he is 17 and it's his first ride on the bike and this track, so they decided to put him in the juniors, I think that's great.
    After 2 sessions in the juniors, some arsehole decides to push the rules to the full degree, so a senior is not permitted to ride with juniors, so that's it for him riding with juniors. Don't have a problem with that, it's just the way they handled it, they waited for him to appear on the track again instead of coming down and having a chat. They did offer our money back or a rain check or go into the seniors on 600's. I thought the seniors would be a bit intimidating for him being his first ride.
    With a bit of pressure from me and a few great guys around us, my son decides to give it a go. So he heads up to the start of the session first, the MV track guy lets him have 2 laps on his own then lets the group out for the session, well my son stayed out for the whole session and was riding like he just got an extra set of balls.
    He couldn't wait for the next senior session, again went out there and was hanging in there with a few others.
    I guess the moral to this story is, thank you for kicking him out of the junior session because he learnt so much from the senior session.
    Well done son, ya dads proud of ya.

    sorry i didn't get to catch up with you triway, but next time we need to be a bit more organised.
    Also, thanks to BamBam (Keith) for dropping in and checking things out.
  20. Doh! Wish I'd read that before today... just missed it. :(