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Broadford Oct 9 - Girls day, sorry boys you only get to watch.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by chicken78, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. GirlsOnlyDay_01.

    Any Of the Girls heading up for this?

    Girls Only Track Day on Sunday, October 9 at Broadford
    September 27, 2011

    Don't forget to sign up for the Girls Only Track Day at Broadford on Sunday, October 9!

    ONLY eleven days remain until Broadford hosts another Girls Only Track Day on Sunday, October 9.

    Jessica Watkins, one of the female instructors for the day, recently competed at the final round of the 2011 Victorian Road Race Championship at Broadford, proving that girls too can hold their own out on the track.

    “Everyone was going so fast,” Watkins, who missed out on a podium round finish in the Superstock 600 class by a mere bike-length, and a single point, over Nathan Griffiths, said.

    “I was neck and neck with him all weekend,” Jess added.

    Watkins, who finished fifth overall in the Superstock class, broke her personal best time around the 2.16 kilometre Broadford track clocking an impressive 1:03:958 on her GSXR 600: “Beating my personal best, which used to be a 1:05 was really satisfying.”

    The Girls Only Track Day is designed to encourage women of all ages to give road racing a go. "We've all got as much chance as winning races as the guys do," remarked Jess. The day places special emphasis on skill development, as well as bike management.

    “The main goal is to get more women involved in our incredible sport,” Jess added.

    Cost: $80
    One Day Licence: $20
    Lunch: $10 (Optional)

    Full leathers (either a one piece or 2 piece suit) that zip together are a must.

    Please send all bookings or enquiries to Jess:
    jesswatkins84@gmail.com or 0406 572 786

    To download the Entry Form please click here.

    Email must be completed with Entry Form by Tuesday, October 4 (1 week).

    It’s going to be an awesome day and we'd love to see you all down there.
    Guys are more than welcome to come spectate!

  2. Talk about equality :)...........great price too.

    Hope this is a hit, good luck, and have fun.............all the guys here would be envious of you girls riding around but at the same time im sure most wouldnt mind watching girls in tight leathers on bikes going around :)
  3. Hey the ride out to Broadford going as a spectator (if you know which way) ain't half bad either.... :D
  4. I know. Can't wait lol counting down sleeps
  5. Fortunatly for me I'm getting a lot of support from the team at City West Yamaha (especially now that I am staff) I can't wait to be finally doing a track day after 12 years of riding. Im also looking forward to catching up with all of my biker girlfriends!!! Rusti has generously offered to take pics so if you can bring cake!

    Girls please dont hestitate to get in touch with me regarding your zips or minor repairs on your leathers however I only have a small window of saturday afternoon (1st Oct) to help out.
  6. Gotta love rusti :D

    We also have designated film crew too :cheeky:
    Ill bring cake ;)

    NFI what the hell Im doing with a track day, guess if hyo throws me, im doing it wrong.

    Thanks Kat for my help on my leather/zip sew stuff. Muchly appreciated :D I owe you.
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  7. Nobody has any idea what they're doing at their first track day, Chook. Just relax and enjoy it. If it seems slow enough to be boring, then go faster. The one with the throttle in her hand is you.
  8. it is all about fun, with no testosterone. Just have as much fun as you can.
  9. I'm still considering it.
  10. Depending on the weather, I might come along and watch.
  11. This seems odd to me - but then I'm not exactly the target audience.

    I'm always a little leery of any plan that first involves segregating people by race, sex, or religion. I have this mental image of women in one-piece leathers with birqas over their helmets ...

    Ladies: why is the idea of a ladies-only track day attractive? What could men do to make regular track days more appealing?
  12. Did you actually read the article?
  13. 10 to 4 in the morning and you're pondering trackdays? this is why i heart you.
  14. chicken78, do you mean the OP? It wasn't terribly enlightening.

    Personally, I think segregation is a bad idea, even if the intent is good. Surely, if there is something about integrated track days that is discouraging many women, we should fix that?

    We are all motorcyclists, first and foremost. Surely the last thing we need is the creation of more division in our sport?
  15. Sport?
    See, this is EXACTLY the kinda thing that gets us all divided and results in segregated track days...
    I mean, who wants to be out there living their life, when numpties are going around as if it's a sport?!
  16. Don't over think it Duncan. Even with a 'girl only' trackday organised a lot of girls are still put off by the prospect of whizzing around a circuit. A lot of it's got to do with the same reasons blokes are put off by it. As soon as people hear the word 'race' as in track they think it's not for them. Nothing could be further than the truth.

    It's not a racetrack on a track day it's a closed road in a controlled environment. Meaning the only thing a rider has to concentrate on is going around corners and having fun. Nothing coming the other way, and a big wide road to have fun on.

    Throw in a few blokes who think it's about racing and the fun can go out of it for everybody. Having a girls only day is a good way allay those concerns for the chicks. And once they get over their initial reservations and find out trackdays are for them, then some of them go on to doing open trackdays.

    More girls at trackdays means more glamour on the grid. That's a win/win for all of us.
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  17. There are more sports that segregate genders than allow them to compete together? Theoretically you're right but I think there's an intimidation factor associated with race tracks. I know was pretty nervous on my first track day and I'm sure you were too and we weren't worried about the added pressure of standing out for being women.

    A lot of ladies I see do track days are those who come out with their partners or brothers or parent so I think this ladies only idea is a really good way to entice a lot of women on to track who would automatically say no.

    I have a lot of mates who won't do a track day and they're neither wimps nor slow. Then there's the guys who do endless track days but get that glazed look in their eyes when you suggest they race. Meh, each to their own.

    Good on you ladies, I'm just jealous you get get such cheap opportunities to get out on track in Victoria!
  18. Grrr my phone didn't post the rest of my comment, doing 10 things at once. I'll go back and edit when I get 5 min. ;)
  19. :popcorn: Waiting, waiting....
  20. What are we waiting for? Lmao