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Broadford Friday 16th Nov

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by natta, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Gday,

    Just wondering if anyone will be at the trackday this friday(16th) at broadford victoria.

    Weather is looking good. 30 degrees!!!!



  2. i'm seriously considering chucking a sicky and riding up for this one...
    I'll be on the blue/white thundercat if i pull it off
  3. u know u wanna!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    When i called on wed they said they had a fair few spots left.

    Hope to cya up there.

    Ohh yeah i am on a rgv that is so smashed and battered that u cant miss it.
  4. Debacle.
    I took the sicky and got up to broadie, signed on, paid my money then got knocked back at scrutineering for a squared-off rear tyre. they didn't have any 160 tyres of the right profile so that was it for me. Am now booked in for the fri Dec 7 day (and paid for!!).
    i took off for a fang up to mansfield and whitfield instead and had a good run - No problems with the tyre, either... :LOL:
    how did the day go??
  5. You should of told them you'll round up that tyre after a few corners :)
    Bad luck at least your booked for the next one
  6. mate i tried that line but i got a speel about "the power going down most when you're on the middle of the tyre" (ie. when you pick the bike up after a corner and really pin the throttle) which makes sense i guess. I reckon i would've got through the day no worries, especially being on a 600 which doesn't tend to work the rear tyre too hard, but rules is rules, eh? just wish they stocked a couple of 160/17 rears in the tyre truck - not everyone rides an r1 for fs sake!! (though most track punters seem to).
    ironically one of the reasons i wanted to do this track day was to get some value out of the tyre edges before i got new ones - i hate chucking a good tyre just cos it's worn in the middle 2 inches from too much commuting. there's something depressing about that.
    But no hard feelings, the day turned out all right!
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: , So true!!!

    What can i say about the day. Two words. HOT!!!!! SUNNY!!
    It was a fair effort riding today, the heat made it difficult. Doing a full session when the sun was its hottest was near impossible. Track temp had reached a point where it was losing grip from being too hot.
    Broadford is a good track, very technical and tricky.
    Riding wise besides the heat it was good. Spent a good 2 and a half sessions sighting the track, looking for braking markers, camber, bumps etc also learning how to ride(had been a month since i last rode)
    Went a bit faster in the later sessions, tested a few different entries and lines. Tried to apply what i had learn't at the superbike school.

    All in all it was a good experience, hope to get back there on either 7/8th of decemeber.
  8. Yeah, It was a good day, If a little hot!
    Natta I think we where parked just up from you, set up in the top row?? Thats if you have the same (alpinestar) TZ1 leathers as me?? I was on the black Gixxer and my mate on the green ZX10 :grin:
    Bloody hot on the track, I was buggered by the end of the day, and it took a few shandies to cool me down later on I tells ya!
  9. hi mate.
    Yeah i remember someone with the same leathers as me. Does ur bike had 2 round holes in the front fairing??
    Yeah it was a bugger of a day, think i got sun stroke.
  10. Yessum that would of been me. :wink: