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Broadford 'come try day' Sat Feb 13

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Broadford 'come try day' Sat Feb 13 *updated*

    Preston Motorcycle Club is running a 'come try day' at Broadford race track on Saturday Feb 13. There will be two groups, one for those just wishing to sample riding around the track, and one for riders wishng to go a bit faster and learn some racing tips.

    This is perfect for someone's first ever race track ride, in a safe, controlled environment.

    For insurance liability reasons, all riders must become a member of the club and will be issued with a 'one day' track licence.

    If you have done a Preston track day in the last 12 months and/or know that you are a current member of an MA affiliated club, the day will cost you $100 plus a $20 one-day track licence ($120), if you are not a club member, the day will cost you $150 (inclusive of track licence) and it will give you 12 months Preston club membership should you wish to try another during the year. Payment includes lunch on the day.

    All road bikes are welcome to ride, a preliminary safety check will be undertaken at the start of the day to make sure your bike is safe to ride.

    You will have to pre-enter for this day, please email Tracey at track84@chariot.com.au or msg me for any inquiries, payment will be on the morning at sign-in and machine check over.

    As helpers are always needed at these events, for each person you bring to assist with running of the day, you will receive a $120 voucher from Motorcycling Victoria that can be used to ride at future ride days.

    Social riders that are just wanting to experience riding on the track are welcome to sit in on the racing theory sessions at no charge.
  2. What a good idea!
  3. Fark it, not enough warning. I would love to do one of these, but I need more notice. Maybe next time.
  4. hhmmmm, work, will try and rearrange. Have not done one of these for years.
  5. We'll be arriving back in town on Thursday 11th from Tas. We may be able to fit it in on the way home. Even if we can't ride (broke) we may be able to assist.
  6. Thanks for the notice Johnny.
  7. Awesome idea. I want one in NSW.
  8. What's required in terms of gear? Textile pants allowed?
  9. Yes, I'm very keen, If I can get my new engine fitted in time, which I doubt!

    The other setback would be gear, you need full leathers right? I couldn't see any info on the website stating as such...
  10. bugger! why couldn't it have been the weekend before when I had the Saturday off and permission from the wife to head away for the weekend on the bike :(
  11. As far as I know, full leathers is required, gloves, boots and obviously helmet. Not sure on back protector.

    Roadworthy bike...so no leaks, roadworthy tyres (unless you have racing slicks/wets).

    headlight, tail light and indicators need to be either removed or taped up with gaffa tape...just in case of a stack there won't be debris on the road.

    Make sure you have a full tank or bring extra fuel if you're trailing it there. There is a petrol station near by if you feel the need to fill up. First time I went I used 3/4 of a tank on the Across.

    This is a great day to have some fun, learn new techniques and hone some skills. You will gain more confidence in the bike and yourself, which will no doubt help you become a better rider on the road.

    I would have come to give a helping hand but I have work that day...boo to shift cover :(
  12. Welp, guess I'm out then. Don't have any leather pants.
  13. I am not 100% sure though. You might be able to get away with textile pants with secured armour (as in strapped to the body and not the pants). I think they are just as safe, but I ain't running the show...so I'll let the people on the know get back to you :D.

    If you can't ride, come for a squiz.
  14. Booked

  15. You can hire leathers.

    I have a shiney new onesie but the zed needs a new rear tyre (and I spent all my money on the onesie) :(
  16. You still running around on that one I plugged??
  17. Nah, with the plug and slow leak thought it would be best to change it, I have a used trye on the rear - not enough on it for a track day though
  18. alas... I have a used shagged Pirelli rear which I'm debating swapping onto... boarder line pass and slightly square... prob not idea for track...
  19. If its your first time on the track a squared off tyre won't matter that much. Besides, by the day's end it won't be squared off any more :cool:

    Can't wait to put a face to "that thread", brownyy .:rofl:

    Footnote to Grue.... you can hire leathers...shoot a pm to morbo28. He's used such a service in the past. I'm sure he'll pass on the info..
  20. 3rd time

    You may be disappointed... but for sure come say hi, blue 2008 daytona 675, bike pilot can barely touch the ground when on it... ;)