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Broadford Come N try day 4 Dec 2011

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jdaley, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. The HMRAV ran another very successful Come N Try day at Broadford for people who wanted to try out the track and perhaps think about coming racing.

    We had 104 entries which meant plenty of people loved the low stress fun day. Come and Try days are not Track days where GP wannabes attend, its for newbies and others who are happy to try their skill.
    Many were swapping machines, changing riders or passengers.

    Overall we had once call for first Aid which is pleasant.
    Did any of you make it?
  2. not me,
    but im interested in getting out on a track next year, especially something im able to take the vtr250 to and not be embarresed (yeah i know a hard ask - but its all i got till im off lams)

    out of intrest, what is the cheapest (and im hoping easiest/slowest) form or racing to get into??? i think its something i would enjoy doing. (and another toy to tinker with) but im pretty broke (apprentice wages)
  3. Mick, these days are perfect for you. We had probally 12 250 machines, even 125cc ones. Then 350, 500 etc.
    My club www.hmrav.com, run these onec per year, but look at the motorcycling.vic.com.au site and find the Preston MCC race training school days. They may help. The Come N try day is set up to eliminate wankers, so they will suit you for a start.
  4. My father in law and 5 mates rode yesterday and I went there for a look.
    Seems like everyone that I spoke to had a a great time and a few of them have caught the track bug.
    I did chuckle to myself as a few of them powered down the straight - litre bikes - and then when it came to cornering they putted there way through ever so slowly.
    On the road they go much faster through corners but I think the whole "track" experience made them very cautious which of course is a sensible approach to your first time on a track.