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Broadford coaching Sun Sept 30

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. You wanna learn the tricks to riding fast & safe, come to Champions Ride Day and take in some coaching ....... $150 will make you a mile faster than a $30,000 bike will.

  2. I'm interested.. Can I let you know next Wednesday?

    Also I have to hand in my license to Vicroads tomorrow due to suspension. If I photocopy it is that OK?
  3. i would be quite keen also...
  4. Yeh photocopy would be ok, the only reason they want riders to have a road licence is so they know that at least you know how to ride without killing everyone around you ;-)

    If the weather forecast is for a dry & sunny day it may pay to book in early in the week to make sure you get in.
  5. I'm booked in but the radar says rain and 10 degrees
  6. Hey Johnny, can we pay on the day ? And are you expecting a large crowd ?
  7. Usually one can book-in on the day but a dry day on the weekend you'd want to book-in at least a few days before as it can get booked-out.

    It's usually a half crowd on a weekday and nearly non existant on a wet day lol.

    Hey I found out why I lost the front last weekend; had a slow leak in the front tyre; it only had 23 lbs.
  8. Just wondering how it compares to CSS?
    I've done the L1 and enjoyed every bit of it so wonder how the schedule compares (time on track/classroom, student-coach ratio etc).
  9. It always pays to take in as many different race/track schools as one can, every instructor/school has a different way of explaining riding principles; in fact riders cannot take-in over 30 years worth of information in one day, so it is up to the instructor what aspects are focused on during the day. Plus different instructors have their own way of explaining subjects, one explanation may work for you, anothers explanation could work for someone else?

    I have been involved with instructing at CSS, back in the day I have taken in various race schools, including CSS at Laguna Seca with Keith Code and with World Superbike Championship contender Robbie Phyllis at Phillip Island. I picked up usefull information at every one. I even learn stuff from my own schools :)

    When I'm coaching at Champions, we start off by doing a couple of laps of the track in car (you don't get that from many other schools ;-) ), I can have between 1 and 6 students for the day, I spend time riding with every pupil in every session, between every on-track session we are de-briefing and discussing new drills to practise as we are getting ready to go out again (food, drink, fuel etc).

    At Champions days, all speed groups generally get 7 on-track sessions, they can be either 15 or 20min long, my students do every session, sometimes we are the only riders on track in the last session of the day.

    I structure each classroom discussion (in the garage and at our bikes to save time) to cater for the level of each student; whether they want to improve their road riding or racing. We cover everything from machine set-up and how a machine offers feed-back to conserving energy and riding faster, safer & smoother.

    Explanations are covered so that it won't just make you faster on the track that we are at but stuff that you can apply in many different situations in your whole riding life.

    I hope that answers your questions, I'm happy to explain further if anyone wants to know more.

    Regards, John
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  10. Thanks a lot John! Yes, I reckon it covers most of the stuff I wanted to know.
    Sounds great to me.

    One more quick question. I think the gates open at 7:30 for 9am briefing.
    What is the recommended arrival time? Would I be pushing it coming at ~8:30?
  11. If anyone is thinking of getting tuition, they really need to get there by 7.30am, that way we all get pitted together and we have time to bust-off some laps in the car before the 8.50am riders briefing.

    Having said all of that, if you are riding in a slower group you have time to unload before your first on-track session (as the fast groups go out first) after the 8.50 riders briefing, you'll just miss the morning car laps, we can bust-off some laps in the lunch break though.

    In the car we do a slow stop-start lap first-up then a 'brisk' (LOL) lap to see how it all joins together.

    If you're not getting tuition, even 8.30 is cutting it fine, on a rainless weekend you could have trouble getting a pit-bay.
  12. Are you coaching the weekend after this Johnny ???
  13. I'm waiting to hear, I think that day is the 7th, I go into hospital for a new knee on the 10th. If I'm not coaching it may be Christian Casella, he is a great instructor.
  14. Nawwwwwwwwww ... so you can do the day :p LOL

    If you don't , hope the knee/hip/knee ops goes well & you're back on the bike ASAP :D
  15. Okay. Booked for this Sunday.

    Hope to learn a few things and the weather won't be too bad.

    If anybody is going to ride to Broadford, please PM and we can go together.
  16. Went to Broadford today cause I was going to do a tyre report on a set of continental Sport/Hypersport Attack but couldn't find Dylan so I could do that, maybe next time.
    Very cold all day and wet in the morning but looked like most peeps enjoyed the day given the conditions, also crash corner claimed a couple of riders (hope you guys heal up well :) going again next weekend to put my track bike through its paces really only to see if it's worth keeping it as a track bike or not.

  17. Hey Bruce, I was there for 3 sessions but my bike was running like crap big flat spot that kept moving 5000-8000 then it moved to 10000-13000rpm, so rather than have more dramas with the bike i went home just as lunch was called.

    Those sport attack tyres are awesome I'm looking forward to putting the sport attack 2's on. I found that running 27front and 26rear (off the warmers) worked best. They were sticky straight away and I had the same lean angles, if not a bit more, as my old slicks but alot more feedback. I felt really confident with these tyres pretty much after the first session, just unfortunate that I have a bike that runs like crap!!! Tune up, floats and a carb balance required.
  18. Dylan, good to know you liked the conti's, the thing I've found about conti sport attack 2 is .......zero feed back, feels like I'm running the tyres with hardly any air in them but the grip is about the same as the Q2 = fantastic !.

    I'm going next weekend weather permitting to give my Pro's a work out and to see if I've sorted some issues the MV had, so I may as well get it over and done with sooner rather then later.

    Hey Dylan, I have Sportsmarts on sale ATM if your interested.......no obligation :)

  19. Feedback difference was probably becuase my old tyres were made in 05 :)
  20. How are you after Sunday?