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Broadford Bike Bonanza

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by uncle greg, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Broadford is hosting this event over easter,all types of pre 1985 race bikes with meet and greet old champions. theres also a swap meet and many displayes. www.ma.org.au/hbbb sound like fun

  2. Have to work all easter GregB :(
  3. thats a shame looks like it will be fun. a workmate is organising the cr elsinor display
  4. Bump! Weather looks good, thinking of taking the family up on sat, which means no bike :(

    But there should be plenty of bikes there for me to look at.
  5. I'll be there Fri, Sat & Sunday :)
  6. Well I can thoroughly recommend it. A great atmosphere and plenty of old beasties to look at.
  7. It was a good event, I recommend it, had to go in the cage though as my bike needs a new starter clutch
    A couple of phone pics of the day

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  8. A couple more

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  9. Sweet pics, mate. Keep em coming!
  10. Forget the camera :facepalm: but had a great time!

    Highlight was the Katana wheelie from the pits all the way along the main straight til about the braking point at turn one :)

    No idea who it was, but respect.