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Broadford Bike Bonanza, Easter Sunday

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Kitt, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Just an EOI for anyone who wants something to do Tomorrow ,
    was actually an all weekend event but ooppsie I missed it .. LOL

    We will be caging it up :-s ( kids coming ) ,
    but looks like an interesting event to have a look at .

  2. Yeh would love to go to that as well as the Heathcote Mayhem, same days and times,,hohum,,which one to go to tomorrow?
  3. Weird :-s.. I can't seem to find the Heathcote thread ...
    but from what I remembered it was more about cars not bikes ,
    whereas this one is prodominetly bikes :D ... no contest .. LOL
  4. went up today, didnt know i was going till the last minute...(but glad i did) great show, a real feast for the eyes, and ears !!!
  5. Thanks for the review :D
    Looking forward to it
  6. Awesome, ok looks like Broadford it is...if you see a bloke carrying a camera and backpack that may well be me..say hello and I'll take ya pic..LOL
  7. Yep, a great weekend lotsa nice bikes both on and off the circuit
    more to be added to my photobucket soon, see sig