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Broadford - 29th of Jan.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by SHEPPO, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. So after missing out on the 16th due to work, I'm booked in for next Saturday, the 19th of Jan for a ride day at Broady.

    Anyone else planning on coming out?

    I'll be in Green group, on a silver/black 04 R1, and quite possibly my RGV-660cc supermono will see the track for the first ride too :-s



  2. I was planning on getting down Sheppo but I'm waiting on new discs which i killed last time. If i get really lucky and they rock up before hand you might have a deal!

    Otherwise Ill be down a week or 2 after.
  3. I'll be there - Green group on a Cagiva Mito 125 w/o mirrors or pillion seat. Hard to miss :)

    Got my knee down for the first time in 15 years on my last track day. Last time was 17 years old, on the road, on a GSXR-250, in jeans. Made a slight "bzzzzp" noise :-O
  4. Hi mate, sorry I only checked this thread now. However I did see you out there.

    I changed into blue group after doing 3 laps in green (pace way way too slow). Had a ball experimenting with rear end traction... Got it to a stage where I had the back end starting to slide, and leaving a black line whilst exiting some of the turns. I only got timed in the last session and did a 1:12. Had a blast!!
  5. I know what you mean about green - riding a 125 everyone came past me on the straights, then parked it in the corners. Blue was a different matter though ... folks on litre bikes going more quickly round the corners than I could manage on a 125 :) Lots of room for improvement there ...

    In terms of lap times, do you have a smart phone? I found a GPS lap timer for my Android phone that seems to work nicely. My best time was a 1:21, but with a good few seconds variability.

    I'm planning to book tuition for the next time I'm at Broadford. I think I need to work on my entry speed as I know the bike is capable of carrying a lot more corner speed than I'm comfortable with at the moment :) Plus on the basis of my lap times, greater consistency would be nice.

    My wife bought me a copy of A Twist of the Wrist, & I'm going to be reading that prior to the next session too.

    This stuff is addictive :)
  6. nah nothing special for a lap timer, just the iPhone held by my mate's missus standing on the sidelines. spewing she didn't time us earlier in the day when we were riding faster. the last session we just went out and mucked around.

    was a good day, no real big stacks, apart from the red ducati in the first session of green group.... still not sure how he crashed when we were going walking pace around the track! just shows how dangerous that group was on saturday... so glad i changed out of it.
  7. Good stuff mate, thats about the times i was doing on the R1!

    The tuition is defiantly worth it, mine was with Christian Casella and my riding improved to no end!

    When will you guys be heading down again? I'm still waiting on my new disks before I book the next one.