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Broadford - 20th Jan

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by port80, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Any one else doing the ride day then ?

  2. Yep, I'll be there on a shitty looking black TZR250, assuming it doesn't break on the way.

    Shit, forecast is for showers. Don't know if I can handle the TZR's power delivery in the wet, it's a bit mental even on part throttle.
  3. Are you guys riding or trailering the bikes down? I'm riding but I want to take some extra fuel (unsure about the quality of fuel from the servo) and perhaps the air pump.
  4. I filled up at the broadford petrol station no troubles before I got to the track.
  5. I'm riding with a hiking bag packed with tools and emergency pistons :)
  6. Wooooo, first unforced error :)
    Lowsided in the wet on the third last corner (exiting esses) and snapped brake lever, meaning no more sessions. I ended up on my feet after tumbling which felt pretty good :)
    Ran out of fuel on the way because my reserve lasted less than 5 minutes (WTF, is this production 2T racer quirk?) and had a slipping gear shift shaft from a broken bolt so I couldn't shift down.
    Some legend on his way to broadford stopped and put in a new bolt and gave me a little bit of fuel. If said legend is reading, thanks heaps. I tried to find you a few times after my first session but couldn't.

  7. Ahhh, I was wondering who that was. You came out okay? I saw the scrap marks on the exit of that corner as well as some glass. How did it happen?
  8. Hi MiG, what tyres did you have on your GPX and did it low side because of lean and the front brake?
  9. This was on the TZR. The GPX is my daily ride. I have Bridgestone BT45s 100 wide front and 120 wide rear, bu I was surprised at how hard I could brake in the wet, so no complaints about the tyres.
    Definitely no brake involved, I just lost the front in the middle of the corner. I don't really know why it happened, it was totally unexpected although being tired surely didn't help my situational awareness. I think it may have been where the corner crests but the details are hazy. I'm completely fine, the leathers did their job well although I suspect being soaking wet made them cop more damage than they otherwise would.
    Sorry about the glass, I was focussed on getting myself off the track and didn't even notice whether the marshals had seen me.
  10. do you think it's the zig zag?

    ps: actually i went wide couple of times on the 'S' bend exit. i think it's a slight uphill and a slight turn all the way from the hill which really affect calculation
  11. I was there on my Rs250.... was an ok day but too wet to really cane it...

    MiG - You were absolutely flying before you went down! Put everyone in the red group to shame (myself included)

    Looking to go back on the 17th.... Fingers crossed for a nice day....
  12. So how do we find our photos from the day, anybody know?
  13. On the GPX you're trying to sell???
  14. yep. what's important is how not what
  15. hahhaha I saw you guys there, I was on the blue r6 and in the red group as well.
  16. +1

    I worked out that the longer to stay wide b4 entering the corner (whilst keeping your line) the better, that way you can point the bike all the way through the corner.
  17. Blue R6 in the red group, ahh I remember you now.

    Yeah staying wide as long as possible and turning late on the two tight right handers seems to put you in a good position on exit. The same also applies to the long left onto the front straight... that's a tricky corner.