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Broad Daylight SMIDSY. What would you have done?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by robsalvv, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Check out this video.

    It all happens in the first minute - the rest of the video is the aftermath following the prang.

    This is not a "pick on the rider in the clip" thread - those kind of posts will be deleted. The rider has been good enough to put up the vid and we can all take the opportunity to learn from it.

    Despite everyone's penchant for 'rider onus' the van driver is clearly in the wrong. End of story.

    So the question for you is, what lessons and learnings do you take from this clip and this SMIDSY situation?

    What do you think about the rider stating that he assumed the driver had seen him?
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  2. I think I could see the van coming out at 24s and impact at 27s. I'd like to think I would have stopped or gone behind the van at about 20-30kph.
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  3. also either SIAM or set up brakes.

    escape route planned, would include a L turn.

    check mirrors would be a good idea too.
  4. How do these old fcuking idiots keep their licences?? I had a old blind biatch put me in hospital for a month and changed my life forever. These old fogies should not be allowed on the road. The bike is fcuking bright orange u fcuking old man. Hope the guy is ok. Looking at the footage I prob would have at least lifted off the gas when I saw that van start moving but then I was watching the video knowing that an accident was about to happen. Gees that stack hits home, I better go lie down for a bit
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  5. I got sus at 23 sec when the van coming the other way blocked the stopped car and vans vision of the bike. be at least covering the brakes and maybe down a gear.
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    Hindsight is 20/20 Brmmm.

    He was riding cautiously given the wet conditions. Not reckless. The riders 1st big mistake was forgetting, or not knowing, he's INVISIBLE on the road! Even on an bright orange bike!.

    Every intersection is the 'danger zone' what ever your choice of vehicle. He didn't prep himself for 'what could happen here' when approaching the danger zone.

    There was a another van travelling in the opposite direction, that blocked the vision of the vehicle that wanted to cross the riders path. He should have seen that and prepared himself better to avoid.

    Edit. Man this forum moves fast! While I was typing everything I just said has already been voiced!
  7. I only have 6-7 years Driving Experience and 6 months riding. This is what I've learnt (Even before I started riding).

    Always assume no one sees you. Not sure why he would assume the opposite? Even in a car, I would back off the throttle, ready to brake and hands on the horn ready to do something the second he moved.

    I normally (in a bike and car) stick my head to the left to get a earlier look at the van as well (Especially if I approached the intersection 1sec later than the rider in the video).
  8. No comment as it will be deleted but that one was definitely avoidable
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  9. Don't ride a knobby tyred trail bike on the road.
  10. A SIAM may have helped but it seemed the rider may have been in a blind spot from large A pillars they put in cars and vans these days. Just an impression.

    You can never be sure they have seen you ... moving wheels are always an alert ... if I see that I am on the anchors. I'd rather slow down unnecessarily than not do so at all and crash.

    Hope the rider was ok afterwards.
  11. There sure did appear to be a lot of lead-up to that impact. That being said, we are all experts in hindsight.
  12. Did the rider being in the right make the situation any better? Good thing he invested in that go pro for protection.
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  13. +1 with the A pillars.
    About once a week I drive the missus' VE Commondore, and hate the huge A pillars. I pay particular attention (partly due to being a rider and partly coz my car has "normal" pillars). You need to move about to look around those suckers.
    My concern is the commuter who drives around plonked in his seat, thinking windows and mirrors will cover it.

    As far as the vid goes, hard to be objective when you know the prang is coming in the first minute. The rider would probably agree that if exactly the same situation was to arise again the next day, he would be OK. This should tell him he was a bit inattentive first time around.
  14. I'm going to mirror what Smee said on this one.
  15. The van driver had plenty of time to see the motorcycle and stop. Clearly he was not looking.
  16. the rider says in the videos description

    No hindsight needed he saw the van pulling out, and yet did nothing to prevent or minimise the collision because he thought the van had seen him and would yield as he was in the right and the van was in the wrong.

    Only emphasises the point that on the road "Might is right!"
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  17. 1000% agree
  18. I'm just going to add, that nurse was an absolute doll.
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  19. if i was lying crumpled on the ground i hope some one walks up and says "...'ello flower..." and keeps me company.
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  20. Yea, you have to give credit when it's due. She sold herself a bit short imo. Her voice was a 'good' voice in such a situation. ;)
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