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Brmmm now goes Brmmm

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Brmmm, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. I thought I better get a bike that matched my user name here. This one does the trick:


    After two years on the CB400 I decided to upgrade to this. I will be very sad to let go of the CB but I finally found another bike that seems to tick all the boxes for commuting, twisties and a bit of touring, pillion friendly.

    I really liked the brutale 910 I tested but didn't think it was the most sensible for the daily commute. Decided not to wait for the new Brutale 675 which will probably be a cracker. Loved the Street Triple also but decided it was a bit too common and like the brutales not pillion friendly.

    Since this photo I've just added some heated grips and a relay as well as the rear bag, and tank bag which are being discontinued. Probably wont do too much more except change the front sprocket to a 14T and get rid of the OEM tyres which are terrible.

    I'm slowly coming to grips with all the idiosyncracies of another Italian beauty. One in the garage and one in the house are more than enough!
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  2. when I first looked at it I thought "that's a very clean old bike" and read it was a 2010 model.

    nice .. old school
  3. NO kidding? I thought it was a nice kept example of a classic too! Didn't realise Ducati made bikes that didn't use the exposed trellis frame. Good stuff!
  4. Snap-

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  5. AWESOME Bike there. Post some more pics if/when you can!

    & Congrats. (y)
  6. Very nice, I have a big soft spot for the Sport Classic with optional full fairing in Tri colour.

    Blabbus, what kind of ute do you drive? :)
  7. absolutely beautiful mate.

    every time i see one of these on the road i sit and drool.
  8. Classic haha.

    That does remind me I will probably do something with the mirrors and the rear hugger is also a good idea. I do like how you kept the rear fender too.
  9. OK, how's this?

  10. All beautiful And yours is a classic classic :)
  11. So how does the Mrs feel about being relegated to the garage!?

    I do like these. It is nice how bikes can keep the proper classic look, while still be throughly modern. The car industry just really never worked out how to do it properly...
  12. Is it just a trick of the camera or are those rims purple?