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Brizzy has a new rider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Those That Know Know, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Whats up everyone!

    I'm pretty much the epitome of NOOB at the moment - new to bikes, new to riding, new to anything on 2 wheels really!

    But yeh just got my license through the Q Ride course and am in the market for my first bike, very excited!

    Looking to gain a wealth of knowledge from you guys, hopefulyl seeya's out on the road some time...

  2. Theres nothing more exciting than buying your first bike! Congratulations on passing Q-ride, and maybe will see you out and about one day!
  3. Hello no-no, welcome to the site. Congratulations on your excellent decision to join the wonderful wobbly world of motorcycles. Don't apologise for being new - we all learned to walk the same way, by landing on our nappies a few times.

    There's quite a haystack of stuff up here, but there's more than a few needles in it, and if you take the time to trawl through the dross you'll find much that is wise and informative, some that is trite and silly, and a few things that should raise a giggle. I hope you have some free time.

    Enjoy - that's why we do it.
  4. Welcome! Congratulations on your Qride and good luck finding a bike! That's so exciting! Hope to see you on a ride around town.
  5. congrats, hope you find a ride you can enjoy.

    Keep it upright

  6. Welcome and good luck. If you need some help I've experience to share.

  7. welcome :D hope you have fun here
  8. Welcome Bro

  9. cheers everyone.

    yeh I'm currently deciding what the hell to get, 250 for learning or something larger for longevity...

    let the test rides begin!
  10. Go bigger. You'll get tired of a 250 real fast.

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    Re: Re: Brizzy has a new rider!

    Agreed - depends on your height and weight but as a 6'2 100-odd kilo rider, i would have hated a 250.

    I definitely recommend trying out a Suzuki GS500 - mine was great to me as a first bike and was capable of just about anything i asked of it.

    Welcome to NR - soak up as much as you can here, it's valuable info!
  12. Welcome.

    The GS500 is a good one size fits most bike, but a bit small for me at 6'6". I have heard they are awesome, just didn't suit me. Go to a bunch of dealers and test ride. Sit on and ride a lot of different bikes, keep an open mind and don't get put off something just because someone here doesn't think it's cool.

    It's not about that "I have a Kwaka 52RRRRR Deluxe R" it's about buying the best bike to fit your needs and is most comfortable for you and your riding style.

    You never know a second hand Postie might be in your future.... If that's your cup of tea.

    Happy riding mate.
  13. I also second GS500. I'd recommend buying one at least not so old though. I bought a 2003 model and it started having all these things that needed to be fixed. Also trust the road worthy with a grain of salt. Get a second opinion if you can.
  14. cheers for the sugestions! I'm actually leaning towards a Hyosung GT650R. There are some crazy good deals out there at the moment and hey, why not spoil myself with a cheeky xmas present!

    a bit nervous about buying a new bike for a first one though. i have read that big spiel about buying a POS for the first, and while i agree to a certain extent with what was said, i would much prefer a new/newer bike to start with.

    anyone here riding hyosung's?
  15. Yeah I'm riding one.

    No issues with mine yet. They are great for a larger legal learner bike. A bucket of fun to ride!

    www.korider.com is your friend. Most of what I have seen going wrong was with the pre-07 models. However, as with all online forums a generous helping of salt is required as generally people only go online to whinge about a product or service.

    There are some really cracking deals at the moment for those. Most people who I have talked to that have one have not regretted the purchase unless they are the types to listen to all the other people who crap on about them, but haven't had one.

    Have you checked out the learner ER6N? They are also a great bike and not much more expensive at the moment. Apparently even easier to unlock than the HYO.

    Happy riding.
  16. yeh mate thats another one on my list. I'm pretty much targeting the nice LAM 600 sport bikes, i dont mind that one.

    btw, those GT650R's look HOT in red aye
  17. Are you going to commit to that bike longer than 12 months? If not, then don't over invest in that first bike and suck it up for the second. :) Yeah, it'd be great to ride an awesome bike straight up, but really no one will look down on you as everyone has to go through the learner period and every understands the patience required for the first 12 months.

    Save yourself a few grand, buy a second hand bike and invest that money saved into either better gear or save towards your second bike once you get your opens :)

    I had a GS500 for 11 months. I now have a Street Triple R and I LOVE it :)
  18. Awesome advice. Grab a POS and then go splurge on a Trumpy Daytona 675. The only reason I bought a new bike is that I got a bonus at work and I knew that the wife will be looking for a LAMS bike soon.

    That means in 6-12 more months I can go shopping again.
  19. Oh btw, don't forget to check out the rides section. Frequent group rides get organised and would be great to have you along one day! :)
  20. Hi to for those that know.. Enjoy the progression its an adventure whether your riding a 250 or a tricked up 750.. or idling along on a GSX1400 (soon I hope) You will learn lots and learn to sift the b/sheis. enjoy!