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Brizzy boy riding around the world, making videos.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by actionjackson, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Brisbane born and bred, riding around the world on my Beamer F650GS Twin. So far I have clocked up 10,000 k's since I bought the bike in London.

    I make a video blog every week or so detailing my travels with footage of the sites I have seen, the roads and terrain I have been riding and the people that I meet. A whole chunk of effort goes into them with about an hour editing per minute of footage so I really appreciate it if people like/share/comment and give me feedback. I am trying to make them as watchable as possible and am really keen to bring people along for the ride. Reading ride reports and watching clips helped me churn through the days when I was back home.

    The latest blog comes from Ireland which I road around in January before heading over to France. I picked up a girl and we went 2 up around Italy for a few weeks. Now I am in France again and headed to Spain next week where I will throw knobbie on the bike, stay for a few months, work a little bit and explore the dirt riding Spain has to offer. When it heats up a bit my plan is to head north, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Nertherlands, Belgium, all of Scandanavia to Finland and then over to Estonia to make my way back down through Eastern Europe. After that I head to the Americas...

    Here are some pics taken along the way of places that will be in upcoming video logs...

    Riding through a Valley in Galway, Ireland.

    In Avignon about to set off for Italy.

    Riding through the snow that had fallen weeks prior - snow is a lot nicer when it is 15 degrees.

    Quality Italian coastal roads... on the Cilentro coast.

    Riding the Amalfi Coast, Italy.