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Britten V1000

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Does anyone here have an interest in these bikes? I saw 5 of them, parked in a row, last sunday. I can post the shot if you like, and probably id each one

  2. I would love to see the pics.
    I didn't think there were any left outside of a museum.
  3. That might be the only non-factory photo of "5 of them in one place" in the entire world... please post it!
  4. +1 +1 +1.
    I can't say how much I admire(d) the man for what he achieved and to have 5 still in existance together (insert Homer's drool)
  5. Rog will post the picture after he's had three beers and a pack of Bensons to calm his nerves. :p
  6. Bring it on Rog :LOL:
  7. +++1

    :grin: Please please post your photo's up, I have a mini Britten shrine at home :)

  8. Due to underwhelming demand, here it is. There is a shot from the other side in my" sound of thunder" thread, but I must warn you , that my bloated body is in shot, blocking out the sun.
    The red bike closest to camera is "aero d zero", which is an early one, built in conjunction with Mike Brosnan, who I believe owns the bike.
    The blue and red one, is the only surviving example of the first Britten. Only two of these were built, and I believe that this one is an amalgam of both. They were raced at Daytona, by Aussie Paul Lewis, and at other places as well.
    The next 3 are the 2nd generation bikes. There were only 10 ever built. The middle one is no.8. It is owned by an american, who sent it to NZ for maintenance and servicing. The other 2 are "factory" bikes. One is owned by Johns family. The other by a Kiwi enthusiast. I don't know which one is which. There is 1 other factory bike, which is in the NZ museum at Wellington.

    Some of you may know more than me, in which case, let us all know.
  9. Here is a close-up of a "Factory" bike
  10. Thanks for that, that is a good photo of the factory bike :grin:
  11. Try this one then. Yeah, I know that they are big photos, but I'm doing my best.
  12. For anyone who doesn't know the amazing history of this backyard-built world-beater, there's a great article here:

    Rog, I might chat to you tomorrow about doing a bikergene story on this gathering.
  13. OK Loz. Come over to NZ next year. Help answer the question; What are "tutties"?
  14. Cool - have had a good look at the original one - didn't know there was more out there. Ta muchly for that :)
  15. No worries BB.
  16. Thanks Rog.
    I think I've just made a mess in me pants :LOL: .
    Top Shots.
  17. They are some nice pics. Shame Britten didn't develop some more.
  18. Good onya Rog, thanks :grin:
  19. Mate, it's a pity that he died so young, but the fact that there are only 10 of them, is part of the allure. You young blokes want everything, doncha.
  20. it is hard, from beyond the grave.
    i sat on one of his first, at bathurst, many years ago.