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Brittany Murphy dead

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mischiefmaka, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. U old timers :-s
  2. She was great in 8Mile. :( Sad news, so young.
  3. Yeah, amphetamines really work the old ticker out.
  4. Yeah she was fading away to nothing so im not sure what was going on with her....
  5. Has been reported she was diabetic so perhaps there's more "normal" problems here than the usual Hollywood causes.

    So young :(
  6. pvda..It doesnt look likely, given the husband was trying to block an autopsy...

    His requests have been denied , an Autopsy is being conducted.
  7. way too young to be dying of cardiac arrest without either an underlying condition or drug involvement.
    It's a shame, she was pretty easy on the eyes
  8. I found out today while on a photo shoot. Some lippy client type person exclaimed "Oh my gord... Brittany Murphy died this morning."

    Very sad. :(
  9. ..... and?

    10 chars etc
  10. People die quite a bit these days.
  11. Lots of people die every day ...... some much younger than 32 and some much older.
  12. yeh but she was hot!
  13. Meh she was a c grade celebrity (I hate that expression)
  14. Who is Brittany Murphy.. talking to the ladies at work, something about clueless etc.?
  15. For gawds sake if you don't know and you want to, Google it.

    She was in Clueless, 8 Mile, Sin City, and a few other lesser films. Did a voice in Happy Feet too.

    Bit sad, although the saddest bit was the news report wheeling out Ashton Kutcher's Twitter comment as part of their story. FFS.
  16. What did Ashton Kutcher tweet: Srry 2 hr u dyd, bryt, RIP?

    Oh yeah, in honour of Linguo: Brittany Murphy IS dead.