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British proposal to cap motorbike top speeds

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by caterz, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. LONDON (Reuters) - Powerful motorcycles could have their top speed capped to try to cut the number of riders killed in accidents, an influential group of MPs said Thursday.

    Electronic speed limiters, already fitted on some scooters and high-performance bikes, could be required by law if the government adopts the committee's ideas.

    "Motorcycle accident rates are far too high. They have been for 10 years," the House of Commons' Transport Committee said in a report. "It is time to consider radical action to tackle this problem."

    Many "superbikes" with large engines have devices that restrict top speeds to 186 mph (300 kph). The committee did not suggest a top speed limit.

    A total of 569 motorcyclists were killed and nearly 6,000 seriously injured in accidents on Britain's roads in 2005, according to Department for Transport figures.

    Giving evidence to the committee, transport author Stephen Plowden said he could not see why anyone needed a bike with a top speed of more than 65 mph.

    However, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) said it would be difficult to use the law to limit the power of motorcycles.

    "I have a lot of sympathy with having a top limit on the speed and power of motorcycles and cars," said Kevin Clinton, RoSPA's head of road safety.

    "Although when the EC ... proposed a 100 brake-horsepower limit on motorcycles, they were not able to get it through because they could not show any real reduction in risk from that."

    The committee said the government should commission research on speed limiters to "stimulate a sensible debate" on the issue.

    "A case was made to the committee for limiting the speed of the more powerful motorcycles, though some technical issues still need to be resolved," the committee said.

    The committee said it appeared to be government policy to encourage greater use of motorcycles, despite concerns over safety and the environmental damage.

    "This may be another argument in favor of reducing the maximum power and speed that is available on these vehicles," the committee reported.

    The Motor Cycle Industry Association says road safety can be improved by better training, changing attitudes and improving roads rather than just focusing on speed.

    Technology that interferes with a rider's control could be dangerous, it says.

    The Department for Transport had no immediate comment
  2. No. Just no.
  3. Steer clear of the drugs that guy is on. :roll:
  4. im guessing these laws are made by people who dont ride themselves
  5. 65mph :!: Why not just restrict bikes to first gear?

    Talking through their arse :evil:
  6. I agree, but if they do, I assume they will also insist on fitting them to Ferraris, Porches, Bugatti Veyrons, and any other vehicle capable of high speeds?
  7. Well I nver go over the speed limit so I see no problem with restricting the speed of my bike to 110kmh. What would be really cool is if they could put a GPS tracking device connected to my accelorator and brakes and then they could limit the top speed to whatever is the speed limit in that area. Imagine changing from a 100kmh zone to a 60kmp zone, woohoo what fun. Oh and the speed limit would have to be 5kmh below the limit because as we know Wipe of 5 and Stay Alive. No speeding fines woohoo.

    Thank you to all responsible Netriders who I trust will agree with this post, for you stupid squids on your 1 litre death machines don't come crying to me when you are dead.

    You know it makes sense don't you. :twisted:
  8. Another of the recommendations in that report, was that all motorcycles be restricted to 125cc (!)
    Which begs an interesting (hopefully hypothetical) question;
    IF, you were limited to 125cc.... would you continue to ride?
  9. The statistics in relation to the proposed top speed are useless unless they look at number of accidents under / over the propose limit.

    If 99% of the accidents were under the 65mph limit what has been achived????????????
  10. Definitely....... addiction is pathetic isn't it? :cry:
  11. What's the bet it'll take forever to come up with a device to do this,
    and a couple of days after implementation before riders find that, possibly due to vibration, somehow the devices mysteriously stop working :p
  12. hahaha, mmmm turbo/supercharge a 125?
  13. Absolute classic: Blame the tool and not the tradesmen mentality :roll:
  14. lies damn lies and statistics.
    they could argue that all accidents have a terminal speed of 0kph best get everyone to stop. the police probably wont want there income reduced by limiting bikes with gps either "officer i cant possibly be speeding i'm using a govt required device"
    this seems to be comming around more often as a suggestion by the elected powers it will be interesting to see if the europeans say enough and unite as a group to stop this going through. i think motor bike riders have been very easy going for a long time.
  15. oh god no..... well at least i get to mod the next british bike i get to remove the farking speed limiting..
  16. Unfortunately, the "device", including the satellite link to monitor it, is already up and running. Has been trial tested in UK. The results were "inconclusive", in that it did actually interrupt the ignition of the bike, (including mid-corner), but was not consistent. The tester report indicated "more work needed", but the committee report back to parliament indicated that it was "good enough to use, now".
    BMF is in uproar, RoSPA is washing it's hands of the whole thing, and various MP's think it's a vote-winner and want to climb on board now.
    No-one has yet suggested this would be implemented for car or trucks, BTW.
  17. Yep inci's gelati scooter would be considered a big bore :LOL:
  18. What are you worried about your bike is already speed restricted! :p :p
  19. Of these accidents, how many occurred at high speed? Speed restriction would have had no effect on the others.

    There has been discussion in the UK of fitting similar devices to cars, by the way. In fact, it's not just a matter of speed restriction - the proposal would see vehicles governed by a GPS-based system that would not permit them to exceed the applicable speed limit.
  20. True :LOL:
    But if they ever outlawed my bike at least I’ll be able to use it as agricultural equipment on a farm.
    But what of yours matti? Would you just send it off to the recyclers and turn it into a milk crate or somthing useful like that :LOL: