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Britain's Got Talent

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. #1 grange, Apr 14, 2009
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    This clip is from the latest series , and shows that first impressions may not be always the right impression.
    What a great voice she has.

  2. i saw this... good on her hey.. awesome voice..... shut simon right up... ( hate him, such a self righteous wanker)
  3. incredible.
  4. That is fcuking outstanding! :shock: :)

    Imagion being her cat, knowing how good she was and not being able to tell anyone. :shock: Still I guess that's better than being a cat who lives with someone who can't sing. :)
  5. She was absolutely incredible - although she would have gotten extra points had she have given Simon the royal up yours as she was leaving the stage lol
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    She should get together with Paul Potts:


    Similar surprised-the-heck-out-of-everyone story.

    (although I thought his was much more powerful and moving than hers)
  7. I saw her on tele last night. I thought her eyebroughs were going to eat her..!!
  8. Seany, you crack me up :LOL: That was a joke, wasn't it? :shock:
  9. I hope she gets an album out what a voice!
  10. I was watching this earlier in the night, and I have to admit - I was emotionally hit when she started singing. Purely incredible !
  11. I was also amazed by this lady. Just shows that first impressions aren't always right. I loved the effect it had on the judges - they were so smug.
    There are lots of clips on youtube.
  12. I didn't cry... Nope... Not me!!

    What a woman... What a voice!
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  14. Beautiful voice! My favourite musical number from my favourite musical! :)

  15. Talent aside its just interesting to see the extent to which people judge others on their appearance.
  16. thats the way nature is, unfortunately. lucky for us humans, we can look past that and judge the book by its contents, not just its cover :grin:
  17. Stavros Flatly.

    I've finally found a use for you-tube.

    Absoute gold.
  18. she totally owned them... brilliant!!
    hope she gets a great retirement package built up by recording albums...
  19. I have a new hero! When she starts singing, i dnt know how anyone can even notice what she looks like.

    good on her!

  20. She has become the toast of the American talk shows,
    Her 15 minutes of fame may turn out to be very fruitful.
    Good luck to her.