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Brit visit Oz for a while (months) for some touring

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by kyot, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Wanted to visit Oz for a while (months) for some touring.

    - Probably want to buy a bike (to sell at the end), insure it (etc.),
    - get a reasonable mobile phone contract for mbloging etc.
    - load up his GPS with some good spots
    -- around the coats? not tooo far inland?

    what else? Sounds enough to me.

    I could probably get a mate to give me his address as a contact point.

    What places would you stick in his GPS?

    (sorry, I haven't searched - but if there have been some good threads on this...)

  2. its very doable.
    as for gps points...what do you wanna see?
    the princes highway from melbourne to brisbane and beyond should be more than enough to keep you busy, with little or no need to use gps.
    definately doable though.
  3. Yeah. Unless you are into adventure riding (forest trails and such) you won't be needing a GPS. Somthing like the Hema Motorcycle Atlas (pre-marked with recommended motorcycle roads) should get you here you want to go. The east coast of th country is littered with brilliant motorcycle routes. Tasmania is a great riding destination. Some of us find riding the distances of the outback a real hoot.
    Have a look at some maps, tell us what areas you'd be wanting to visit, and I'm sure you'll get all the suggestions you want. There is some good info about touring in Oz here.
  4. Best motorcycle touring in Australia: Tasmania!
    But try to go in (our) summer.
    (Then again, being a pom, you'd be well used to cold and wet...)

    Edit. OK. Specific destinations: Devonport to Cradle Mountain; Strahan; Queenstown; then maybe East coast, St Helens (via Elephant Pass); Launceston. Or just take a wrong turn and see where it leads. It's all good.
  5. So, carri convinced you to come over, Don?? And a good thing too.

    Come in early September (obviously not this year, d'uh) and catch our spring and early summer, and stay to the south as December draws on; too hot up north :grin:

    Or, come late summer and ride through Autumn..
  6. There are some brilliant coastal roads a couple of hundred ks south of Sydney, through Wollongong, Kiama, Mowra and beyond and they are all easy as.

    As for the GPS well it isn't nessicary, although for someone visiting a strange land you'll always know your way back.
  7. Humm - hadn't thought of Tasmania; but that'd be interesting (there are a couple of cool Tasmanian tiger riders on another forum)... really silly question; would you take a bike on a ferry or fly and start from scratch there?

    The point of the GPS? Not necessarily navigation as such.
    I'm really not fussed with ticking off 'must sees' from a tourist book; but it's always good to have a few destination points.

    Hadn't discussed this with Cari - but I'm seriously thinking of chucking my job (really seriously)... Spending a good while actually enjoying Oz felt like a good idea...
  8. Definitely take the ferry. Very cheap for bikes, and an easy overnight trip from Melbourne. You might need to book that ahead a bit, though.
  9. I'll tell ya what champ... You go and see a mate of mine that works in a bike shop in londonfor me and when you get to Melbourne i'll come get you from the airport and you can stay at my house and i'll show ya some roads in Victoria :grin:
  10. which shop?
    If you need somethign sent or such; you can always ask anyway...
  11. Cool he's being a tight twat at the moment and has been promising forever to send me stuff. I'll ring him in a few hrs when he get's to work and i'll find out the name of it.
    Do you know the names of bike mechanics in London?
  12. Take the wrong turn - less tourists, more logging trucks or tractors but more roads to yourself :)
  13. Well come on down, hook up with some of the netriders around Oz and they will show you the secret rides. Well they are not that secret.

    I have always imagined just jumping on the bike and riding catching up with a few people on the way and see what happens. I hate organised holidays though.
  14. Go up to the top of Aus (North Queensland), around Cairns and Port Douglas, absolutely brilliant for riding, especially at the moment, I'm not sure about the wet season, probably pretty bad then. I just spent a few days on a guided tour and such and it was like paradise with heaps of great roads. Wow. See some of the shots here http://www.bikingaustralia.com/
  15. Definately go around Tassie, it's the mutt's nuts. And spend plenty of time in and around Melbourne too, lots of good riding and you'll have your pick of about 50 houses to crash at, mine included if you can't stand the smell at PNUT's. :grin:
  16. Oi **** i live in a house thats owned by the dude im talking about that lives in London and works there and he has the confidence over any other ozy to put me in here not your kind :LOL: :LOL:
  17. hey spunky - how r ya mate? haven't been on this site for a while (work too busy) - pure coincidence that i happened to log-in today and catch u chatting up a storm!

    yeah- i second the idea of chucking in the job and coming for a travel. you never know what comes out of a good holiday in terms of contacts, ideas and fresh energy for a new direction. probably best thing for ya! you're never gonna be jobless - too qualified and too diverse so it's a very measured risk.

    i'll throw my hat in the ring on the accommodation side to say you're welcome here too if you make it to melb. only small 2-br flat but it's 5 suburbs from the city, close to the bay, not far from the hills and i'm better lookin' than pnut and loz put together (frightening thought).

    as for your mate, i'll get ken (movin') on this thread to also respond. his mate leigh (who gave me the lift on his DRBig to the Liverpool ferry) is doing the same thing in January so ken's been gathering ideas.

    big kisses, chat soon, c x
  18. oh, and he's also welcome to stay here when coming through melbourne... cheers, c x
  19. Heya Kyot,As Carri posted previously,my mate from UK is due here Jan 4th.Im buying him a bike(with his internet transferred cash) and we are heading Nth for 2 weeks,cruising up thru our Alps then up the eastern seaboard.He only has a month and is flying out of Perth,so he's sending the bike back east to Melbourne by road freight, then Im selling it for him again in Melbourne.
    We are on a tight timeframe and I cant fit in nearly as much as I would like to.I personally just like to roll and see where the road takes me.Oz being essentially a pretty big island, any direction you head, if you go for long enough, you will get wet,i.e.youve reach the edge of the country. There are a million places to ride and I wouldnt worry about a GPS.Tassie is a must ride if you got the time-he aint.As I have said to all my cousins who have come afore,allow 3 months if you want to drive or ride right around oz.Carri's got your email,ask us anything you want.