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Brisvegas Newbie.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ET, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Greetings all,

    Between mates having kids, buying houses, moving away & having crashes (wife say "no more bikes!"), I find myself knowing fewer & fewer people who can go for a burn on the weekend.

    So I thought I'd give this a go....

    How is it working out in Brisbane? Numbers, rides, etc? Who is playing this game up this way?

    ps. I don't know if I've posted this in the right place. Sorry if I've ticked anyone off.....
  2. g'day mate and welcome! i am in brisbane myself but possibly selling my ol girl shortly but will be on the hunt for another :) sorry i cant answer your questions i have no idea!
  3. Hmm, well as far as I can tell the "scene" up hear isn't as big as say down melbourne way but its still heathy. A site that always has pretty good group ride organization is www.ozsportsbikes.com You just missed a big social ride today.

    I havn't been out that much lately because my bike is craving a service (full tune ect) and it's not running very well at all.

    Hope this helps. Also, friday nights at milton coffee club is a pretty big bike gathering.
  4. What he said..

    I'm a member of OSB and I go to the coffee club's occasionally :)

    But I did a solo ride today, that was fun :grin:
  5. Cheers for that,

    I had a look at the OSB website. Reckon an old Vmax would qualify (What with all the crotch-rockets and all....)?

    But then, like a mate of mine says, "They're no sportsbike, but they are bloody good sport".

    .....and a Vmax can be veeerrry "wide" in corners.....
  6. mate i don't think half on the bikes on there qualify as sportsbikes in that term :)
    I know my zed is a supersport, not a crotch rocket :)
  7. Don't worry about Vmax being very wide in corners, just enjoy the sound from its pipes.

    Welcome ET.
  8. Hmmm, seems I've caused offence already. Geez, that was quick. Even for me!

    Well, by crotch-rocket I generally mean any sort of plastic-wrapped, 14 grand red-line, whiz bang. Don't get me wrong, I used to be into them, full brake into the corner, knee down on any possible corner, full throttle on the way out......

    But the old Max just don't play that game. You sort of squirm down to a suitable cornering speed (pretty flexy frame....), grind your way around the corner (not much clearance either.....) and then just grunt out of the corner (charging rhino style.....). Yeeha!!!

    ps. I reckon Z1000's are pretty cool. I'd be tempted by one if I had 2 knees. Gotta ditch those dodgy, stocker "double-barrel" pipes though...... :wink: