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Brissy to Melbourne - Coastal or Inland

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tasguy, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Gidday all :)

    Im flying to Brissy to pick up a bike in a couple of weeks time and was interested as to any recomendations of a route from there back to Melbourne to meet the Spirit to come home.

    Its going to be some fairly big days as I arrive round lunchtime Friday and am on the boat on Tuesday night so have around 4 1/2 days to do the trip.

    I reckon down the Pacific Highway would be boring as bat shit but also don't want to spend hours in twisty back lanes LOL

    Look forward to any suggestions from the collective wisdom of the group =D>
  2. Thanks chrissybenn

    Have you ridden that route?? Was wodering what it was like on the leg Warwick/Goondiwindi/Moree/Narrabri thats all pretty remote and baren country from what I know of the area? Might be short but if the roads are crappy can make for slow going?
  3. The Newell Highway is the major highway between Melbourne and Brisbane. It is a good road but a lot of trucks. The NSW section is very flat and open and a lot of it has a 110kph limit. It would definatly be the quickest route if you are limited for time.

    Also there are a lot of towns along the way so fuel or food is never a problem. I think the greatest distance between towns would be about 110km.
  4. With 4 and half days you can take your time and do some sight seeing on the way.
  5. I'd also personally do the coast for VIC but if it's freezing cold, I'd just do the shortest route.
  6. I rode from Canberra to Brisbane via the Newell Hwy a few weeks ago. I left Canberra at 11 in the morning, stayed overnight at Coonabarabran and was in Brissy by 4ish the next day.

    The road is in good condition all the way, with long straight sections up towards Moree. Plenty of towns along the way - the VFR goes about 150 ks between fuel stops, and I didn't have an issue. Didn't see too many trucks (it was a weekend, though), but watch out for kangaroos around dusk. Lots of roadkill on the road in Northern NSW, and a freshly smeared skippy is slippery as hell.

    Oh, and I only saw the one speed trap, close to Boorowa so off the Brisbane to Melbourne route.
  7. I've done the Brisbane to Melbourne and back trip a few times now. I was most interested in doing the trip the most reliable way so opted for the Pac Motorway to Sydney then onto the Hume. I didn't see any kangaroos etc going that way. You are guaranteed to do so on the Newell. The painful part of the trip is from about Ballina to Kempsey (there seem to be a lot of people who find an extra 10-30 km/h for the overtaking lanes then turtle it outside those areas) then is ok after that. However, it'd be much less of a pain on a bike. I always get the trip done in 2 long days. 4.5 days should be plenty for a bike.
  8. There, fixed that for you. ;)

    I have violent allergic reactions to the Pacific Highway between Brisbane and Sydney. Even when there's two lanes each way, the slow drivers just sit in the right hand lane the whole time. And closer to Brisbane it's a tedious crawl at urban speed limits through thousands of towns not yet bypassed.

    Not sure what the New England or the Newell are like in comparison.

    To get between Brisbane and Sydney I take all the twisty roads between New England Highway and the Pacific Highway. A lot less traffic, less roadworks, fewer towns, and a lot more excitement and nicer scenery. Adds 1hr to the trip (now that I've worked out the best fuel and food stops), but much more fun.

    I'm thinking about taking the Newell Hwy (convoy of cars most likely) from Brisbane to Melbourne later this year (edit: aiming for brevity of travel, Newell is virtually a straight line). I suspect Newell Hwy would be pretty boring for a bike though, it's pretty straight/flat from memory.
  9. dont stop in dubbo for the night (almost exactly 1/2 way) unless you can lock up your bike, its full of drunk indigenous folks who like stuffing about with other peoples bikes in the middle of the night

  10. Thanks people for the feedback, definetly given me something to think about :)

    So Spots, care to share the route, fuel and food stops, sounds like a well worthwhile extra hour ridden (y)

    oz_johnno have heard similar things about Dubbo, thanks for the head up :)
  11. Sure fing.

    Gosfordish to Brisbane via the backroads.

    From the twin caltexes on the F3 (near Tuggerah), to Gloucester - Fuel up near Gloucester.
    Gloucester to Armidale - Fuel up at Armidale.
    Armidale to Grafton, via Dorrigo - Lunch + fuel at Grafton.
    Brisbane - relax (might have to fill up on the way to the CBD)

    Going Southbound, lunch occurs at Armidale.

    Those distances fit the Tiger's fueltank range and my butt's comfort margins nicely. Grafton -> Brisbane is a bit of a stretch but it's not too bad. Heading southbound I usually top up the Tiger's tanks on the outskirts of Brisbane just to make sure.

    If you want to shave off a bit of time, you can go "direct" from Armidale to Grafton (or vice versa) rather than going via Dorrigo. But I do enjoy the roads leading into Dorrigo, very much so.

    Last time I did it, this trip went from 7am to 7pm without speeding. Pacific Highway is about an hour quicker, but I find it a lot more stressful and dull.
  12. I never quite figured out the most fun way to get from Sydney to Melbourne.

    With the exception of the Snowy Mountain Highway or Alpine Way, most of the exciting twisty roads run northwest/southeast... But Sydney and Melb are northeast/southwest.

    Hume Highway is boring but fast, and everything else is... a little less boring, but up to 30-50% more time consuming. Grragh. :(

    I suppose it depends on where your priorities are for the trip. Brevity or excitement.

    Brisbane - Melb is 1670km via the Newell Highway or... *fiddles with satnav software* Wuh, only 1806km via Pacific Highway and Hume Highway. Wouldn't have guessed that! Though that's still freeway/highway boredom the whole way.

    2000 if you follow the coast the whole way to and through Victoria.

    Add twisty roads and it slows down quite a bit though...
  13. Thanks again Spots :)

    Yeah I have been looking to try and find something vaguely interesting and yet not mega slow. Im so spoilt by the roads down here can have a mix of everything in a 400Km day, with minimal chance of encountering PoPo :)

    Trip is really just to get the bike back home, but have 4 1/2 days so can have some fun on the way. Might do some on the Pacific / Hume and drop in one a mate in Canberra then run down the coast. Bit will depend on weather and which way to go to dodge any real crap :)

    Can't see myself doing it all on the highway, especially with the way PoPo is on the big island, massive 3 or 4 lane divided roads and you get pinged for a few KM over :( Hopefully not so many on the quieter back roads LOL
  14. I did the trip over Christmas with three kids in the back of the car.

    Melb to Brisbane I did in 2 1/2 days:
    Melb to Parkes
    Parkes to Goondiwindi
    Goondiwindi to Brisbane via Toowoomba.
    (All via the Newell etc)

    On the way back I thought I would do more as a trip so did it in four days:
    Brisbane to Coffs Harbour
    Coffs Harbour to Lake Macquarie (Newcastle)
    Lake Macquarie to Goulbourn
    Goulbourn to Melb (with detour via Canberra for the obligatory crackers)
    (All via Pac Hwy/Hume/Federal)

    I figured I would get up quickest and take the scenic trip back.

    Will never travel the pac hwy deliberately again, particularly the northern NSW section.... Horrible roads, stupid drivers, erratic speed limits compounded by a ridiculous number of fixed cameras. The last two made for a very stressful driver for someone who has never driven the road.

    On the flip side, although fairly straight, the Newell always had something to look at in the country side still. The drivers were immeasurably smarter and more courteous. I didn't find the trucks a hinderance at all. The surface whilst not perfect was never particularly bad, except for one section. Oh and f-all speed cameras and maybe 3 or four highway cars.
  15. Thanks Froggy, seems the Pacific is a no go :)

    Spots, with you on the SYD - MLB leg, thought about the Snowy Mountain Highway or Alpine Way but figured this time of year will be *really* cold, not to mention a fair chance of wather, don't mind riding in the rain but snow and ice are not for me LOL

    Rackon I will run the route you mentioned to SYD then see what the weather is like and either go the coast or highway.

    Have just been trying to find a way around SYD :( Looks like the Pacific highway takes you right through the city. I lived in Sydney 20 years back and thought there would be a bypass or something by now? A heads up froma local would be awesome :)
  16. To cover the trip from Singleton (near Gloucester) to Sydney you could alternately take the Putty Road, which was something I'd always planned to use instead of the F3 freeway but haven't been able to. ;)

    Probably the easiest way to get around Sydney is to use the M2 Motorway and then the M7 Motorway, both of which are electronic toll roads. That'll take you from the F3, through a few Sydney roads, then back onto motorway goodness all the way to the Hume Highway.

    [url="http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Sydney+Newcastle+Fwy&daddr=South+Western+Fwy&hl=en&geocode=FY06_v0d4esBCQ%3BFUnH9_0dloL8CA&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=11&sll=-33.962156,150.937042&sspn=0.295576,0.441513&ie=UTF8&ll=-33.846467,150.979614&spn=0.591955,0.883026&z=10]Like dis[/url]

    Or for the toll-road allergic, there's an abundance of urban highways (with traffic lights and stuff) which connect the 2. The #6 highway is probably the obvious one.
  17. Thanks Spots :)

    Toll roads work for me compared to sitting in traffic and a set of lights every 250m LOL i didn't like SYD traffic 20 years back and its gotta be way worse now!

    So thats Brissy to south of Sydney sorted now to toss a coin to decide the rest, so many roads, so little time LOL :)
  18. Whichever way you decide to go mate, let us know how it is this time of year..

    I'm planning to do a similar trip in about a month, moving from Warwick (SE QLD) to Melbourne
  19. If its school hols DO NOT go any where near the coastal route. Do inland, much better. Nothing really remote these days plenty petrol and food all the way. FI: Broke down on the big lap, rear bearing, between Winton and Cloncurry and plenty of traffic to give SWMBO a lift to next burg to rally RACQ.