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Brissy Storm Season is Here!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cookeetree, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Mrs Tree and I captured some great footage and pic's of the storms from the last two nights.

    The clip is from Sunday night's storm. We've got two fans on our deck. Due to the raked ceiling, when the wind blows from the north, the fan out of shot spins in the wind. When it blows from the south, the one in the clip spins. The wind was absolutely howling on Sunday night, sending this fan into a mega-spin. Watch the clip to see what happens next.

    (Language Warning - 'f' word gets dropped. :wink: )

    Sunday's Storm

    Here's a couple of the pic's I took of last night's storm. This was with my camera phone (3.2 meg):

    Fork lightning over Beaudesert.

    Sheet lightning turns night in to day.

    Awesome fork lightning towards Tamborine area.
  2. I love it....... riding home was a bit wet, and I don't think the dogs approve.... but storms rock.

    Hopefully we can actually get some water in our dams from them too...

  3. The Storm play for Melbourne, dummy!
  4. I got caught in it this arvo, on the way home from work. Copped a bit of hail on the helmet, but it was only marble size.

    My old textile jacket used to keep me warm and dry, but my leather one leaks like a sieve. Even my textile pants leaked, soaking and then freezing my b*lls! By the time I got home, I looked like a drowned rat, with my boots and gloves also failing to keep me dry.

    Oh, well, it's only water...
  5. "move to Queensland, beautiful weather, blah, blah, blah......."

    I got sunburnt in Melbourne today :cheeky:
  6. Could've got sunburnt in Brissy, too. The storms were at NIGHT. :roll:

    Nice try, though. Melbourne still sucks. :wink:
  7. Couple of beers out on the deck, a nice cool change, lots of lightning and a bit of rain. If that's as bad as Brisbane gets I'm down with it. :grin:
  8. Not sure if you'd have wanted to sit on the deck while our fan was gouging out the ceiling! :shock: But, yeah, I'm with ya. Helluva free "fireworks" show! :grin:

    With all this rain, we can't use water quick enough at the moment. Our tanks are beyond full and the overflow pipes can't keep up with the water coming off our roof!
  9. I got woken up by HAIL this morning!!! Freaked us out a little 'cause the landcruiser is parked next to our bedroom window and all I could here was 'tink tink tink' on the bonnet and roof. 5.50am is way too early for hail!
  10. Tennis ball sized hail! You can have it.........
  11. Just got an email from Mrs Tree. She works in Beauy and rode to work this morning. She'd just gotten to work when she heard some almighty thunder and quickly got the bike under cover before the hail hit. Good thing I took her car today instead of her taking it. It would've been pounded!
  12. That .. Rocks.. :shock: :cool: :cool:

    If it wasn't full of bloody Queenslanders, I'd more to Queensland just for the storms.. :p
  13. Another storm expected this evening. :grin:

    Trust me, with the number of Mexicans up here, you'd feel right at home! :wink:
  14. Ahh, that explains the drought conditions - all the Mexicans using the water, drying the land, so they can grow better cacti to make Tequila!!

    Looks like tonight's storm is staying a little north-west - we may miss out unless it splits when it hits the range.

    PS cookeetree, just how early do you get up? :?
  15. Good storm last night! Woke me up around midnight. Got up and unplugged the computer and big TV. I wish I had another water tank, or two! We can't use water quick enough at the moment. We've got 45,000L of the stuff and could've doubled it this week with all the storms.

    Carol - I'm up by 5am at the latest, leave home half an hour later. I'm usually at work by 6:30am. A few months ago, I was working 4am to 4pm. Had to get up at 2:30am! :shock: