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Brissy South

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rhino351, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. G'day all, the motorbike bug has just bitten and it's time to another set of 2 wheels! Love my mountain biking however I miss going fast (courtesy of my xr6turbo sold a few years ago). Never ridden a moto so will be booking a Qride course real soon then looking to get a second hand Gsx650F as it's a big bike to suit my height (6'5). This site seems to be packed with great info and tips with learning, cheers for reading and hope to come on a ride day sometime in the future.=D

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  2. G'day Rhino351Rhino351 and welcome to NR. Good luck with the QRide course and the bike search - the acceleration won't disappoint.
  3. Welcome Rhino only been here a short time myself but I agree a very welcoming crowd of like minded people here and a lot of interesting and helpful people to boot.
  4. Welcome. The 650F superseded my 750F so it should be a pretty honest sort of bike. Mine is a bit tight on leg room so hopefully that's improved on the 650. Although at 6'5" you would probably find that bike permanently parked at Mooball a little cramped on longer rides. :hilarious:
  5. Cheers guys, I'm booked in for Qride next week I'll let ya's know how I go =D=D=D
  6. Welcome to the forum and goodluck on the qride. i can assure you that you will have fun on this day
  7. Today I did my first Qride lesson, did pretty well towards the end of the lesson. Got the hang of gears, braking techniques, clutch which involved a whole lot of stalling:p. About 1 hour into the ride I came into a right hand tight turn came in with a tad too much speed and one of the big things I told myself not to do coming into the lesson happened... Grabbed the front brake just a touch and down I came :wacky: About jogging pace the little Honda 250 slid out from under me next thing I know I had both my hands on the pavement to break my fall. No damage at all to the bike (with Learner drop bars) or myself however lesson learnt the hard way. It was on a old gokart track so better it to happen there and not the road. Going 40km/h felt scary to me let alone 60, 80 or even 110! Hopefully next Qride (next week) confidence will keep building
  8. It's also been raining in Brissy the last few days which made the track wet and ssllliippeerryyyy
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  9. Welcome to the site. Enjoy yourself out there but be careful.
  10. welcome aboard :]
  11. Hey Rhino, welcome.

    I recently sat for my q-ride, 2 day course over the North side of brissy (though I'm also on the south side), and I totally get what you mean as far as the speed, and 40km seeming fast. When you first go on the road for the test it might seem a little fast, but trust me, you will be concentrating so much you will forget about the sense of speed, and before you know it you'll be cruising around at 110 like its nothing.

    Good luck, enjoy the riding, and be safe.
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  12. Welcome to NR :). It takes a while to get comfy at a decent speed. Don't rush it, but it will come with practice in a quiet area away from traffic.
  13. Welcome to NR..
  14. Hey guys, passed my Qride today! :D:D Jumped on a cbf250 which I immediately felt a lot more comfortable and confident on then the old postie looking bike I had last week (unsure of what model it was). Modules were a breeze then it got time for the road ride:wideyed:

    ^^ That is spot on I didn't have any issues with keeping up the speed and oncoming traffic it was easier then I thought:D

    I also want to look into advanced rider courses bit later on anything that can help my safety on the road.

    Much thanks for the welcome everyone I'll see how much savings I have left when I get back from Yank Land in August before I start looking for bikes. Plus it might work out better to wait until September to be over 25 for insurance reasons $$
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  15. Hey Rhino351Rhino351 congrats on your successful Qride! :D
  16. That first road ride was an eye opener! Somehow though, after only just over a month, I am lane filtering at every chance I get and feel the need for speed! (My 500 is fast enough for now though)
  17. too fast too furious ;)
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  18. Here she is guys! Got myself a 2012 SV650S. Didn't end up with the gsx650f but I love this thing! Great power for a LAMS bike too. Not sure if i'll even end up upgrading after my 1 year. . :p:p

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