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(Brissy) R1 Squid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kingy, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. Hello fellow riders..

    just wanna give a quick shout out to the KNOB on the black R1 heading towards Beaudesert on beuy road...

    it was a nice wheelie mate and i was impressed on the distance you could handle your steed..

    i just didnt think the copper on the police bike 100m down the road holding the gun thought so =D>=D>=D>

    if your a member here please i would love to see how much they raped you !!

    also thanks ******** for giving the rest of us a bad name ..

    rant over

  2. A wheelie doesn't make him a squid. What was he wearing?
  3. hang your skirt up when you're done...
  4. Useless without a vid,especially the radar bit
  5. blue wife beater and white board shorts not sure on footwear but they looked like vollies he was going to fast to seem them
  6. What a wanker, now if he was wearing Etnies... he'd be my hero.

    PS: What is wrong with you? How can you not like wheelies?
  7. in my rant i never said once i hated them.. in fact i said i was impressed how you handle your steed for such a distance as it was a bloody long wheelie ... but the copper didnt think it was....

    i also belive there is a time and place for ridding like that and in front of a policeman is not one of them 8-[
  8. Think of it in the same way we do the Darwin awards, by doing something stupid in front of a police officer and then suffering the consequences he's removing himself from the motorcycle population and thereby reducing the number of bad apples in our barrel. The end result of his elimination, and others like him, is a lower level of attention on the rest of us providing more breathing space and ultimately the time and places for antics such as well controlled and impressive wheelies.
  9. ^^^ What he said! ;)
  10. very true
  11. Bloody R1 riders.
  12. ginno racers
  13. I'm sure he didn't know the cop was there so he was hardly "giving us a bad name" on purpose so I wouldn't exactly be ripping into him for what he did. How was he a squid though? I couldn't find any mention about a lack of safety gear.

    That's not entirely true, the more people the smurfs catch the more likely they are to increase numbers, therefore increasing our chances of being caught for having some fun on the back roads on a quiet Sunday. It also gives the government controlled media another reason to rip into motorbike riders, because we are all a bunch of crazy lunatics apparently.

  14. Like a P plater driving a Kingswood with a Crane Cam sticker/Commodore with a HSV body kit/Impreza with a 3" exhaust and wanker valve the Smurfs (I like that :LOL:) will use the 'blue wife beater and white board short' look as a form of profiling to target who they see as being likely donors to Government revenue.

    Moral of the story could be as simple as don't squid whilst riding an R1 (or any crotch rocket as non-bike people can't tell them apart).
  15. Oh i do love a good anti hoon/squid V pro hoon/squid thread...always worth a read and a giggle.
  16. well funny enough the bloke must still have a licence and he must live local to me around the Parkinson area southside brissy.. spotted him this morning lane splitting.. BUT this time a WHITE BINTANG SINGLET and KingGees with steel cappers...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.