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Brissy People

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ametha elf, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. How are you all getting on in this never ending rain? I for one am totally sick of it.

  2. It's making me wet.
  3. Its keeping me off my bikes and in the car because the ground is too sodden to get the brkes out!

    Over it.

  4. Its driving me nucken futs. Cant get out in the boat cause everytime I try its blowing 30knots.

    Cant be bothered riding either, by the time all the saftey gear goes on, then then the hurricane suit its to friggin hot and you end up wet from sweat instead of water.
  5. I'm so sick of this rain!
  6. Got home this morning and could not see where the back yard finished and the pool began.
    Just so over it. And to think the rain for the last eight years or so has not started till May. A long, long, looooooooooong wet. Going troppo lol
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    I don't mind it so much - means i don't feel like I'm missing out between now and whenever I'm allowed to ride again!

    Sucks for everyone else though...
  8. I'm this close |<-->| to being fed up with it... get my new bike from the dealership probably tomorrow, hoping its not raining cats and dogs!
  9. Im on holidays for a week , and this rain is keeping me inside. :(
    At least i have a project to keep me busy untill the weather clears a bit.
  10. @ametha elf: Did you see the Pine River today, specifically around Sweeny's Reserve? The lower bridge just past Petrie Station was just about to go under water around 4pm today...
  11. I'm hoping it's not like this for me in March. Going up to the Sunny Coast for a week and really hoping not to be rainned in. Especially with a 2 yr old.
  12. I live at Petrie, but havent ventured out since yesterday. I can well understand how the Pine River bridge is about to go under, and I dont think there will be much left of Sweenys now.
  13. i was on coro drive when the river broke... yeah that was interesting.....
    very much made me wish my truck could magically become a bike so i could just cut through traffic and go home :'(
  14. We went in to our office in Milton this morning and had to pack everything up and move it to higher ground. They are expecting we will get a meter of water through our office tomorrow or thursday.
  15. It's all seems to be gettin out of hand.... :(

    Oh Queensland, hope you soon revert to your state logo..... sunshine state..... :(
  16. Feet and floorboards still dry and likely to remain so. But this is dreadful stuff.
  17. I moved up here mid December and got endless rain. That was boring. Now it's come to this it's just crap.

    I'm living up away from the river, so we're fine, but shocking to see what's going on downhill.

    If anyone needs any help I'm off work and have the fourbie, so happy to help out where ever I can.
  18. The rain has been pretty annoying with commuting to and from work. Not the best conditions when riding in traffic.
  19. Don't worry, Darkhorse, usually its lovely weather here, a bit humid in summer, with the usual afternoon storms rolling through, wait til winter, you won't get better.
  20. I'm only here until April at the outside (the theatre being flooded means it may end up being muuuuuuch sooner, but we're waiting to hear.)

    The only silver lining is that the weather is making me miss my bike less, as it's being babysat by a mate in Sydney until I can organise freight - which I won't bother doing until the weather warrants it.