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Brissy Newb :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 9eorg, May 27, 2014.

  1. Gday Netriders!

    Just a quick one to say hello :) New to the riding scene and very much looking forward to scoring my first bike once tax return comes in. Of course will be taking it easy and looking forward to becoming a Safe and Brilliant Rider :D

    Alil about me, Im 34, not much road bike experience but have some dirk biking skills. (if not much) :)
    Looking at afew bikes for my first, have not decided yet so please any pro's or con's you see let me know to help me sway in which bike to pick.

    VTR250 - Honda
    GSX250F - early-mid 90's - Suzuki
    CBF250 - Honda

    Anyways thanks for having me here, seems like a brilliant site loving it already :)

  2. Welcome aboard

    A friend had a great run from a CBF250 as her learner bike but the VTR is hard to go past. It will teach you a lot.
  3. Yea love the look of the VTR Bubblebee hard to pass up. But they seem to hold there value well and anything decent I seem to be finding it around the 3.5 to 4k mark :-/

    Having a looksee at a GSX250F '93 tomorrow. Needs new chain and sprockets though but only asking $800, so if no smoke and valves sound alright think I might snatch it up. Fingers crossed ;)
  4. Welcome to NR.
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  5. Welcome to NR enjoy bike shopping (and a little chrome on the bike won't hurt :) )
  6. Cheers :p .. Scored myself a GSX250 '93 this afternoon :)
  7. The was my wives first bike , she loved it
    she now rides the new version of that called the TU250x

    Enjoy !!!!
  8. Welcome to the pickle factory
  9. Thanks guys :)
    She's needs alil work .. New chain and sprocket .. Gonna do the breaks and front right shock squeaky as hell so might replace those as well. And gear shifter is alil lose. Will try this all myself, never worked on moto but want to get to know her. :)
  10. TU have a manbag compartment as well ?
  11. Welcome to Nutrider!