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Brissie to Canberra ride route?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VladTepes, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. If I were to ride from Brisbane to Canberra -
    1. What would be the best route? Quickest route?
    2. Where would be the best place to stop overnight, somewhere around the 1/2 way mark I guess ?
    I figure someone here may have ridden there and could offer suggestions

  2. uncle google says take the new england, 1200km
    which would put half way at armidale
    most of the road appears to be bat-shit boring though, and it's a transport road: lots of trucks
  3. The best route is to zig zag down the Great Divide.Bulk corners and sweepers and plenty of good pubs along the way...the quickest route is to.....?????
  4. Absolutely zig zag but be sure to include the following 3 roads;
    - Waterfall Way
    - Oxley Highway
    - Thunderbolts Way
  5. And don't forget the Bruxner hwy from Tenterfield to Casino and the Gwydir hwy from Grafton to Glen Innes.
  6. If you just need to get there it is the coast road for sure. More 110 zone, lots of cameras, but the easiest.

    New England is more interesting and adds the Putty Road near the end to get you back alive again after the boredome of highways.
  7. I've done Brisbane-Sydney a bunch of times, via both the New England and the Pacific. The coast road is massively overrated due to traffic, terrible speed cameras in stupid places and having to slow down for a pipsqueak town every 20km.

    All things being equal, I'd prefer:
    Rathdowney - Tenterfield via Lions Rd and Bruxner Hwy (Lions Rd is the best - and best maintained - back road in NSW and the Bruxner has better bends and less traffic, if not as good views than Waterfall Way)
    Stop in Tenterfield for a cuppa and some petrol.
    Tenterfield-Uralla. There used to be a motel in Uralla that was $30 a night for a double. It was pretty good last time I was there. It's on the south side of town near the BP. Check out Barnett's Books for some literature and Thunderbolt's Rock for outlaw chic while you're there.
    Uralla-Singleton via the New England
    Singleton-Windsor via Putty Rd.

    No doubt some other folks can give better advice on Windsor-Canberra because I haven't done that in ten or twelve years.

    I reckon that's the best mix of great back roads and speedy highways. You could alternatively go Tamworth-Gunnedah-Quirindi which is a waste of miles excepting that it takes you through Breeza where, if you were so inclined, you could wind out your throttle with no real impediments. That's what the locals do.

    Hope this helps!
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