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brissie noob saying hi to all

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by vintec, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. hi all,

    been reading this site for a while before signing up and posting. i was doing as much research as i could especially on gears and out of the blue, a mate of mine decided to go back home for good and sold me all his gears for $500. i'm really excited since getting the gears and really hope this will snowball into something. *fingers crossed*

    i won't be surprised if any of you questions the used helmet that i got from him but he assured me it's never been dropped/knocked and he's a mate i trust.

    next aim is to find a q-ride provider. are there any q-ride providers/instructors who are more attentive/thorough than another? or are they all basically standard? i have an impression that some better instructor might give you a tip or two that can't be found in the textbook while teaching you. i don't mind paying a bit extra for a better provider since i saved up a bit on the gears, if the quality teachings do make a difference on the road.

    currently, i have teammoto q-ride as a benchmark since they offer a fixed price guarantee class + free advanced riding class. is advanced riding class necessary? another mate of mine told me it's a priority.

    one more thing, i'm currently holding an overseas open licence for 6 years, would i have any trouble getting my motorbike L for q-ride? queensland transport website did not specify that open QLD licence is required to get a motorbike L

    sorry for the long post and thanks for reading :)
  2. prolly shoulda put this in the welcome lounge.

    welcome anyway. hope you have fun wearing his helmet. ita be like wrapping his gym towel over ur face lol.

    wheres he goin home to?

    would not have a clue bout QLD rules. ring the local RTA?? is that what they call em up there?(we got vicroads in vic)
  3. Q-ride is a good program for newbie riders. Thats pretty much why everyone says their q-ride experience was terrific and that they had an awesome instructor. Unless if you know someone who has participated in q-ride at all the providers around, your not going to get a good idea of which ones are better than others.

    I also think that all instructors just throw in alot of tips, coaching, encouragement, criticism and candy for free.
  4. I went through Pro Honda @ Rocklea for my Q-Ride, and I definitely recommend them. Very smart about the training, tips and techniques based on keeping you alive out on the road. Just good teachers.

    About the gear; I hope it fits perfect :p ATGATT.

    And welcome :)
  5. It depends on the quality of the instructors. In that regards Don and Bruce at Honda's Q-ride arm HART were excellent!
    At around $320, even if you did fail(very very unlikely if you're dedicated)
    It would still be cheaper to retake it, than paying 800+ at Teammoto.
    Just give Qld transport a ring with regards to your overseas license.
    Good luck with your endeavors!
  6. Top Rider (www.toprider.com.au).

    I did it through them and I know a lot of others who did it through them too. Bernie is outstanding. Not the cheapest though.

    Get your RE, get some experience on the road, then look into an intermediate or advanced course. It will be useless if you can't actually competently ride yet.

    In terms of your license, you should be able to jump straight onto an open Queensland car license which means its just a written test to get your motorcycle L and a Q-Ride course to get your RE. (I'm assuming you don't have an overseas motorcycle license? If so, you can probably just go straight to your R).

    Unfortunately you missed the boat for the old scheme we had here where you could have probably gone straight to your R after a Q-ride course. So if you're ever near parliament house just pop in and thank them for saving your life.

    They save lives. :p
  7. oops, wrong section.

    nah, not the helmet. the jacket and pants do feel more like it thought, and please dont remind me of that anymore LOL...he's going back to singapore.

    my size and physique is identical to my mate's, so all is good. however, the ixon sismic jacket do feel a tad loose without the waterproof and warmth liner =/

    thanks all, i'll just drop by queensland transport and try my luck next week :]
  8. Got my qld licence last Thursday and did my first session of q-ride this morning.

    For those who's driving on foreign licence wanting to get a bike licence, get your licence converted to qld and show Queensland transport that you've held an open licence (foreign or qld) for over 12 months. Licence translation required if applicable. Do the motorbike L by answering 5 simple questions.

    I'm doing my q-ride with ridesmart. $120 for the first session if you've got no experience. $260 on second session which include stuff that you did in first session and hitting the road. Helmet, jacket, gloves, Drink & snacks as well as insurance provided at no extra cost. They've got training venue at runcorn and boondall to cater north and south side. Ridesmart is one of the few, if not the only q-ride provider close to train stations. That's a huge plus for me without my own transport. Warren's a top bloke and his partner, Marnie's a great person to talk to when you do the booking

    bike shopping is next on my agenda