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Brissie Newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Alguien, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    My names Clint and I've just bought myself a 2000 model VTR250. Im looking forward to getting out and giving it a good run sometime.

    Also seeing as though this is my first road bike (I've had dirt bikes when I was a kid), I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good mechanic on Brisbanes Southside?

    See ya
  2. Hi Alguien , welcome .
  3. sorry dude. if you find one let me know. i know there's one in wynnum. not sure where. how old are you? where abouts are you. I'm in manly.

    you know where moss st is? guessing you would if you've had dirtbikes before.

    this guy has been advised.

    Tony Bogaart Cycle Tune

    haven't been there yet myself.

    whats the vtr like? you know Dan and Peta at Cycle Right?
  4. Not sane: I'm 26 and live in Burbank which is not too far from either Wynnum or Moss St. Over the years pretty much all my bikes have come from Moss St somewhere..

    Tony Bogaart is down that way?

    The VTR seems to be going pretty well. I've got a couple of things to fix up to get a safety certificate but nothing major. I should be able to do most of it myself.

    Might see you around once the bikes on the road!
  5. sounds like a plan to me. i'm not sure of the workshops address but give em a ring i suppose. supposed to be only pay for what your getting. do you need parts or are you lookin for a tune up
  6. Need new front brake rotor and new pads. New exhaust also but I've already got that sorted.
  7. Bogaart is highly recommended by me personally, he's near morgan and whacker on the service road in Logan

    I've also heard that MMM motorcycles in Moss st are good :)
  8. Hi Alguien , welcome
  9. Gyday Alguien,
    Bogaart is a real genius at fixing all things on two wheels and come highly recommended by many of the older and more experienced riders I know from Brisbane. Hope to see you out on the road sometime soon.

    I really like the look of those VTR's, one very sexy bike IMHO

  10. Wow! Looks great mate. I really like that colour. Its pretty different and makes it stand out.

    One thing though, whats with the exhaust? I thought they were a lot thicker than that or is that some kind of aftermarket? Maybe its just the photo :p
  11. Yeah, its an aftermarket exhaust which was on it when I bought it. I've got to get it changed before I can get it registered. It does sound very cool though!

    I might ask the exhaust shop to give it back to me when the replace it with the new one so if I need to I can put that one on again later.