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Brisbanites - WHERE ARE YOU!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GoTeam, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Where?...... moved to Netrider central - Melbourne :p. I'll catch you at Park Road...... when I move back in 25 months time.

    You're right about the Coffee Club on Park Road at Milton. I remember seeing a lot of bikes there on some nights when I used to pass through.
  2. /me waves...

    I'm out near Ipswich, so (I think - only been here a couple of months) that's a bit of a ride for me, and I run my kid around to a youth group on Friday nights. Something somewhere like maybe Kenmore Coffee Club would probably work for me.
  3. I live on the northside and would love to but i'm still on my Ls :cry: so it'll have to wait.
  4. Drive the cage! I am not biased- I might have to drive the first time until i work out where on earth it is as well!
  5. Hey Bravus! I am about an hours drive from Kenmore Coffee Club and I work until 6 pm!
  6. You got to make these nights work for you. Friday coffee is a good hour for me, went to Westside coffee of Monday and that's the same. It helps if the ride is good too. Friday nights have become a bit of a habit and Westside was good enough for a return trip.

    Good luck with the organising BM! It's all about connecting remember! And maybe one of those really nice guys who aren't intimidated will turn up :p
  8. So I can see :p

    It's great when a coffee night takes off, Friday night at Southgate just rocks, it's fantastic atmosphere anyway, but throw in a couple of dozen or more bikes and it goes up a tempo.

    Thursday night mystery rides are hysterical and the others I go to are all well attended.
  9. Thursday night mystery rides are hysterical and the others I go to are all well attended.[/quote]
  10. Right, I'm packed....don't give me an excuse to move up there!
  11. Black Magic,

    Milton is where the big pub is, ie XXXX Brewery. :grin:

    Unfortunatly, it's too far away from me, and I try and avoid the city and night time on my bike. Dark coloured bike, with dark coloured gear and Brisbane drivers :? No thanks :)

    However, other rides on weekend may be of interest to me. Did the Toy Run for the first time today, already booked whatever day it will be next year into my calender :)
  12. Yeah, I guess we don't have to lock in to Friday night... Saturday or Sunday afternoon would be a lot better for me. Is there a cafe at the top of a decent twisty road around here anywhere?
  14. mate mate mate, you already know where the QLD riders are!

    just go to the coffee club, 3 different forums meet there(i know you're a member of 2 of them at least), last time i went a week and a half ago there were over 50 bikes, just do it!
  15. I'll be there soon(ish)
    Riding up starting the 27th Dec, start work in Rochedale 8th Jan.
    Looking forward to meeting a few faces, both there, and on the way up.

  16. I'm in southport... and after my little stuff up with the dates of the toy run now know where cc and the farking botanical gardens are... :( so i'll have to come up ona friday night and stay over at me bros house...

    Oi... muppet if you looking for a nice off street secure garrage for you thunderpussy i have some room at my house. Just give me a pm and you can store it there...
  17. I'm out west in Ipswich too :)
  18. Where abouts in Rochedale are you starting work? I work and live in the area as well. If you see an orange VTR250 getting about dont be afraid to say hi!
  19. Would love to but i'm on my Ls with that as well :LOL: and don't have one cause I can't afford a cage and a bike so I have a decision to make!
  20. Bugger! At least you made the correct decision as far as your mode of transport goes! :grin:
    Maybe we will all see you there when you get your confidence?
    Organising this is like trying to organise a cage full of chooks! :LOL:
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