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brisbanes motorbikes yesterday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by XLAR8, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. yesterday i seen bikes hiding, bikes in shame and bikes in pain....

    just after lunch when the big storm hit there was bikes taking shelter under the overpass when the hail hit, kind of funny watching a guy take his leathers and put them on his bike lol (id do the same).

    then on the way home there was a bike on rented trailer towed behind work ute, sissy Harley rider cant ride in the rain lol

    then just 3k's from home there was a crash at the intersection of Webster & Gympie Rd's. there was a bike screaming in pain. it looked like a rear ender, cage 3 spots back hit the ass of another cage that hit the bike waiting for the lights (and i think the rider was sitting there in Neutral, he had no chance if that was the case.... stay in gear people)
  2. The storm yesterday affected so many people, with damage to homes and loss of power, and damage to property and vehicles. I hope everyone from Brisbane on here was safe yesterday.

    It would not have been pleasant to be out in it on a motorbike! LOL oxox
  3. When the storm hit yesterday I was very glad I had done my errands for the day and my girlie was safe and sound under her blankie. :)
  4. That or it broke down, both as likely as each other.

    Last time I rode in the hail, I laid flat on the tank and continued on the way home. Hurt like hell but it protected the bike and that's what matters.
  5. I walked outside of the office just after lunch and spotted the storm clouds. Walked back inside, packed up, got on the bike and went home. I have been caught out in hail before and there is no way I am doing it again.

    They reckon there is more on the way today.
  6. If the shunt started a couple of cars back, I'd regard it as unlikely that a rider, thinking themselves buffered, would register it in time to do anything, in gear or not.
  7. I possibly would have pulled on the leathers to gain the experience :D

    just as an aside: i've been stuck in a hail storm once, it didn't hurt as much as a time I was stuck in this torrential downpour... THe rain drops where the size of tennis balls (or felt that way)... Yeah, that stung.
  8. first ride in the rain was monday before last and I got absolutely arse raped by the worst downpour I've seen since I was a kid. it was fkn BIBLICAL. ALthough there was no brimstone.

    I was pretty much drenched from the chest down. learnt a lot that day. at least it wasn't cold!! I had a doc's appointment so couldn't stop, otherwise I'd have pulled over and hid like the sensible people.

    it was kinda fun though. the sort of fun where you're waiting at traffic lights and feeling the rain penetrating pretty much everywhere, your boots are full of water, your jeans are soaked, your hands are soaked, and you're laughing. because there's absolutely nothing else you can do.
  9. At least it was ass **** and not two fists, no lube. 8-[
  10. When? It wasn't that bad..... I don't remember any real heavy downpours in the last couple of weeks.

    @Pobblebonk: thats just plan nasty :S
  11. And I thought I am heading to the state of sunshine and pleasurable bike riding!!!!

    Guess I'm in for a shock!

  12. I pass no judgement on anyone hiding under an overpass in yesterday's storms or Thursday's storms; a motorcyclist was killed just Southeast of Brisbane by Wednesday's hailstorm.
  13. I missed it on the way home :) I work in town and about 1pm it went haywire but it only lasted about 1.5hours. Got on the bike home and it barely sprinkled.
  14. B1K3R, I have almost forgotten what sunshine is - it seems to have been cloudy or raining here for months.
  15. WTF? where've you been?

    monday before last Adelaide got the most rain in a single day since records began. it was on the news and everything!
  16. Oh, that explains it... I was in newcastle and flew into Adelaide airport Tuesday evening. I see you one wet bike ride and raise you the wildest flight I have been on... We were up, down, sideways, lurching... I haven't puked since I was about 12 (not once), but had that gone on for an hour or two more, I would have snapped that streak.
  17. If I get caught in severe weather, I tend to resign myself to it and just put myself to the test. I've hidden under bridges, or pressed on, but I find the challenge, exhilarating. Every once in while if I have my wets on.
  18. Course you do,you're the man.
  19. At least he's not riding a LAMS bike and big noting himself on a lame forum.
  20. Heh, yeah, I heard its really raining a lot in Brissy... :facepalm: