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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Scottish, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Hi guys i am looking for somewhere to sit the q-ride program. I am 24 with some riding experience and looking to sit the unrestricted bike exam. Where is the best place to do so?


  2. Mate, I used Morgan & Wacker at slacks creek, they were pretty damn good, and friendly. Didn't treat you like an idiot etc. Were quite patient. etc
  3. mate i did my 250's a few yrs back at Toombul.

    I went back a few weeks ago for a "lesson " ( i just wanted to ride a bike ) and they still remembered me!

    they were great when i went thru the licence process.

    Aegis 1300 137 277 is their name and number!
  4. yup also did it with Morgan & Wacker

    Hey alan... are you scottish? I just moved here from Fife (via Edinburgh)
  5. Did mine at Prohonda near Rocklea. Nice instructor with a big skid pad out the back. Got to go for a burn on the freeway and around the local suburbs after a few hours doing drills ect.

    Highly recomended. I'm going for my unrestricted licence there in the last week of this month.
  6. I sure am, I am from glasgow and have travelled througout Oz on a WHV. I am now settled in brisbane untill October. I began my bike lessons back in glasgow but decided to take a year out travelling so never completed it. So now i am here and its much cheaper i though i would do it in queensland.

    I just need to change my licence to a queensland 1 then i can sit the exam. Not sure whats going to be evolved in changing my licence but will find out 2day.

    Cheers for all the info guys.

  7. I did my unrestricted at Stay Upright out near logan. Good instructors and not only will they fail you if you are not competent, but will let you return for free. (i believe both are very important)
  8. Pro Honda @ Rocklea = Awesome!
    Great instructors, and from my quote hunting it was the cheapest place around
  9. I will maybe go with pro-honda then. Where abouts are they?
  10. Carn the Broncos :)

    Sorry couldn't resist, as you were :oops:
  11. maybe i'm still a bit drunk from last night but vic is that post really as random as i think it is????
  12. I done the Q-Ride With Pro Honda and it was Excellent.I done the 1day Open licence course and didnt want the day to end. It only cost $220 so was well worth the money.

    Thanks to everyone for your info.

  13. Glad to hear it went well!

    To anyone who might know... is the Q-Ride course for unrestricted licence any different from the Q-Ride course for restricted licence? And if I only have a 250cc bike, can I get my unrestricted licence riding that bike? (I've had my car licence for long enough)
  14. Did my qride course a couple of weeks back.

    The course for unrestricted is exactly the same as the restricted one except you have to do it on a bigger bike. So you'll need to find a place that will supply you with one if all you've got is a 250.

    I did mine with stay upright and they supplied a bmw 650cs for everybody doing their R class.

    I suspect most places would be able to supply a bike for you (although I didn't exactly shop around a lot so double check with whoever you ring).
  15. The course for both are the same, it just on a bigger bike.

    For you to get the Class R licence i am sure you have to show competence on riding a 600cc bike. So you will have to use one of there bikes. I used Pro Honda at Rocklea and they where very good and a great price of $220 Midweek and $250 Weekend.

    Hope that helps

  16. Yep, that answers my question! I'm not sure what I'll do, since I have no experience on a larger bike... I might take a private lesson first and ask the instructor's opinion on whether I can handle a larger bike for Q-Ride.

  17. Don't worry about it.

    I'd ridden a bike twice before I did my qride course on the 650. I had no problems at all - I think the 650 may have been a little easier to ride than my zzr because I didn't have to rev it as hard.
  18. Hey all,

    Those of you who have done Q-Ride-- I am wondering how many sessions it takes to get licensed? In my case, I have 10 years car driving experience, but zero bike experience. I have looked around and ProHonda seems to be the cheapest per day...but how many days might it take?

    Has anyone been in a similar situation and if so how long did it take to be able to ride competently?

    Thanks :)
  19. hey snowball... i had zero in control of a bike experience... only had been a pillion for about 8 rides over the yeras... went to roclea pro honda for my trainig... told em my experience level and they helped me out a bit extra first thing :) was great.... got my lisence in the 1 day :) so you should be fine... just listen to what they say... and take your time :)
  20. Did my Q-Ride with Team Moto through the Maroochydore Kawasaki outlet.

    Never riden a bike before (apart from pushbike), pillioned once. Took the three day "we will keep going until you get it, or give up" course. First day, one on one, started on a 200cc chook chaser, that afternoon out on the road (80kph+) on a newish GS500 Suzuki.

    Next two days where shared with one other learner, probably could have passed after second day, but took my time and did the third, maybe only 6 hours each day. Got my licence by lunchtime, no worries, out on my bike as soon as I got home.

    Would reccommend that particular shop's trainer, I think his name was Brett. He has a bit of a screw loose at times, but is very serious (and somewhat blunt) when it comes to riding, and I still remember all I was taught.