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Brisbane Traffic

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by virtual_circuit, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Hey i was wondering if any of my fellow bikers from brisbane could give me some advice. I will be moving to Queensland Mid september for work (for 6 months), and am thinking about moving to the Gold Coast and then commuting to the Southern Suburbs of brisbane everyday (Rocklea). And was wondering what the traffic is like up along the M1 during the week?

  2. Ha Ha Ha don't do it unless you like riding through car parks. I have only done it a few times and it was never good- coast to rocklea 1-1.5 hr each time leaving about 6am
  3. Yeah i had a chat with some guys who work up there just a while ago, they said the same thing. So i guess its share house in Brisbane for me :p Now all i need to do is find some good rides.
  4. if you are lodging on the south side of brissy, i would recommend getting the vehicle ferry over to north stradbroke island. i havent riden it yet, but the road from dunwich to point lookout looks like a lot of fun. a run of large high speed (relatively) twisties. it costs 45 bucks to get your bike over and back (might be more, we get resident's discount), but the ride is just awesome (friend of the family who owns our unit with us took his harley over one holidays and loved it). its a nice ride with little traffic, and the 6 cops on the island are too busy confiscating booze off teenagers to worry about you.

    and you get the benefit of rocking up to point lookout around all the scantily clad women on your motorbike :LOL: :LOL:


    P.S. Don't stop your bike in Dunwich... or carry a bit stick
  5. I spent a week on straddie last July with an enthusiastic driver and his v-tec civic. The road isn't bad, but there aren’t many of them. You'll be bored after an hour or two. You'd be better off saving your $45 and heading off into northern NSW. The backroads out there are awesome. Unless you bring fishing gear and togs of course.
  6. There are no shortage of good roads around Brisbane. North there is samford/daybro/mt. mee/maleny West is around esk and up the Hampton range, south there are too many to mention. Its a great area for riding! Don't really see a need to ferry over to an island?
  7. You could live at the coast if you don't mind splitting, mind you there's more cop bikes around the joint these days or if your ok with parting with a chunk of your money - the coast is pretty expensive, but if you're really keen to shack up there maybe try and start an hour earlier / later it'd make a big difference with your run to work. Either way it's a boring straight ride and easy to get heavy eyes on. Brisbane would be a better place to stay and as far as places to ride - there's no shortage. I can easily spend the batter part of 6 hours riding without even thinking 'where to next?'
  8. Hopefully tommorow i will get accepted to a property i applied for in Toowong, There is a mountain up behind it too, so might be good for a quick blat in the arvo's after work :p. Am thinking of doing a run up to bundaberg via as many back roads as possible and stop overnight somewhere :p. I like adventures because it doesn't have to end well (or be planned) to be one!
  9. Toowong is a good pick. It's close enough to the city (should you really ever want to go there) for a cab but has it's own good pubs/clubs to go to. Mount Coot-tha is good for a quick fix but being up here Mount Glorious is a must-see! Hope you have fun while your here mate!
  10. Be very careful on Cootha, speed limit 50, corners "good" for about 80-90 and the cops know it. Oh there is a few hidden driveways into TV stations and the monkeys will just drive straight out without looking.
  11. +1. If you must go for a quick fix up there, make it one slow lap first to check for the cops!
  12. And the tourists in Camrys who find that a single lane is just not enough to traverse these silly sharp corners!

    As to the commute question, its a carpark in the mornings. I travel down the coast most mornings and every time I think to myself Im glad Im not stuck in that.
    Come the end of the day, it turns into a carpark southbound around Mt Gravatt as well.
  13. I only use Mt Cootha for scrubbing in new tires. 10min further down the track and your at the beginning of Mt. Nebo/Glorious.