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Brisbane traffic - busier than usual?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by demuire, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. I'm not sure if it's just me or not, but it appears that the past few days (well, today and yesterday at least) traffic has been a fair bit heavier than usual, all the way down the Ipswich Motorway, Centenary Highway, and Brisbane itself. Has anyone else noticed this? Anyone have any idea why?

    I understand some of the train services are still not going to schedule, maybe that's why more people are driving?
  2. yeah, dunno about the roads, but the trains have been a b!tch lately! so that would make sense. I have no idea whats goin on with the trains tho.
  3. Yeah i think the last week or so the traffic has been a real nightmare (well indro throught o toowong). But i find the freeway has been flowing alot better than it used to.... maybe everybody has switched routes?

    Demuire: it had to happen, ,the SV got dropped last night :). Doing a u turn and didn't make it around, caught the gutter. Scratch in the fork and grated the loop on the side stand. Luckily it went down on the grass :(
  4. The Traffic has been busy because the trains have been unreliable because the drivers are protesting (making me late :evil:), maybe involving some union action, it's all over the news.
    Check out this...

    It's got a bit to do with drivers being required to work heaps beyond their contract or something...

    And because the trains aren't reliable, people are driving I would say...
  5. I was talking to another rider this morning and we were both commentating on how good we thought the traffic had been lately. We were both early to work, hence the conversation. I come from Redcliffe along Sandgate road into south bank and he lives at Collingwood Park. Maybe all the traffic from these 2 routes are blocking up you guys??
  6. i haven't noticed, and i have further to go to work now ..

    BTW I transferred to Pro Kawasaki Demuire, (whales about 100m from yamaha) so if you need anything see me there :D
  7. I liked the traffic before school started, especially as I go past six schools on the way to work. Yesterday and monday was kinda crappy, but seemed to be pretty clear today.
  8. Tanya: Why oh why can't you transfer to Pro Honda, they're nearer my house :) Thanks for the heads up :)

    Left work at 5.45 today, traffic still crap :(
  9. They tried mate, they tried.. I said i'd quit first :D

    BTW don't complain about bris traffic guys... i rode through peakhour in Sydney and Melbourne and that seriously sucks..

    we don't realise how good we have it up here...