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Brisbane to Sydney and back...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by BugEye, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. So I'm going for a ride down to Sydney in a few weeks (leaving from Brisbane) I've done this once before but rushed it too much and only did one half way stop and was too focused on getting from A to B.
    This time around I want to take my time and enjoy some nice roads/views etc.

    Any suggestions? Good roads to venture onto? Good places to stop over?
  2. Ride south and take the Bangalow turn off near Byron Bay.
    Head west through Lismore and Casino to Tenterfield.
    Head south at Tenterfield through Armidale and Uralla
    Turn east at Uralla and head down via Walcha to Wauchope.
    Turn south on highway .....

    Thats gets you part of the way and you are now level with Port Macquaire.

    One idea, there are many.
  3. Ride south to Grafton and take the road west to Glenn Innes, ride up there and head south to Uralla.

    At Uralla turn east and ride through Walcha and down to Wauchope.
    OR At Uralla head east to Walcha and then down Thunderbolts.
    Then head south.

    Another ....
  4. Sounds good! I'll give it a shot.
    Thanks for that...
  5. Skip Sydney and just keep ridin' to Melbourne ;)
  6. Then open your wallet and give all your money to the cops for going 3kph over and endangering everyones life ..... yeah right.

  7. yeh.. and attach the front number plate too!?!?! what's with that?
  8. brisbane to sydney? if you have two days, then try:

    1. get the hell out of brissy via the mt lindesay highway thru beaudesert and then down to rathdowney. then take the lions road turn off (just before rathdowney, altho there's another in town if you miss the first). this is an awesome road 'cept at weekends and takes you down (circuitously) to the start of the summerland way.

    2. take the summerland way due south thru casino down to grafton. this is a well sealed road with lots of fast action (make up time on this part after the earlier bits).

    3. at grafton take the highway to ebor then armidale. this takes you straight over the great dividing range. i think it may still be called summerland way but ask if you can't see a sign. there's only one main road to armidale. this road has a great variety of stuff. don't be too concerned about making time at first, enjoy the twisties for what they're worth, you can make up time on the later parts of this road.

    4. i usually stay at uralla which is just south of armidale via the new england (the only bit you have to touch on this trip). great pub there, um, it's on the right as you ride in on sloping part of the main drag. big grey square thing. they do discounts for bikers and have good basic rooms and beer of course.

    5. good morning. take the road from uralla to walcha. this is pretty fun, lot s of space but watch out for the locals, they won't get out of the way! this is only a short stretch and something good for before brekkie.

    6. have brekkie at walcha, not much of a town, but there's a good cafe just up from the main intersection (not sure which way sorry, the opposite to the servo) which opens early and serves good brekkie. you'll need it for what comes next.

    7. from walcha you could take the oxley which is great but then you're back on the pacific hwy. take thunderbolts way instead. great name, great road. takes you over the great dividing range (again) near barrington tops. make sure you stop and look at the view. everyone else does. take thunderbolts way to gloucester.

    8. after this, things get a bit less fun. if you have heaps of time you can go from gloucester to dungog, singleton, and out to the putty road, but if you're like me and getting a bit saddle sore by now, i usually just join up with the pacific hwy by continuing south out of gloucester and then it's the madcap fun of the m3 into sydney!

    as i said, this is a two-day option, and a brilliant one. i don't go supersonic but still make it easily in two days this way. some of nsw's best roads are involved too.

    have fun,
  9. Re: pains

    Just going from canberra to sydney on the freeway with a friend on cbr, he couldn't go long without stopping due to the lack of comfort.. and boredom :)

    I think backroads would be the only sane route :D
  10. Im hoping to do this trip in september, want to go and see my old man in wollongong, if it happens I'll let you all know how I go and post up plenty of pictures!
  11. i only know a small section of the trip but my suggestion is to take the bangalo exit near byron bay and head down through lismore and casion then down to grafton, then head out via glen innes and then down to armidale, going direct to armidale save you some time, but the road can be pretty crap and I personally prefer the twisities on the way to glen innes.

  12. Good suggestions. If I can add a couple of extra ideas.

    If exiting via Beaudesert on a weekday leave early to avoid the heavy work day traffic that stretches out to Greenbank.

    Lions road was closed earlier this year with landslides due to the rains so do check the condition of this before leaving. I occasionally ride it however the road over Mt Lindsey has many more corners and better surface. Also The upper section of the Summerland way that the Lions road by passes has some fantastic sweepers so consider taking this route in one direction as imo it's longer but superior in every other way.

    Before Ebor on the road Grafton to Armidale turn onto the excellent Waterfall Way and enjoy a great ride down the range to the coast and stay at Port Mac then next day if you are leaving early then you can grab Maccas in the roadhouse before Wauhope and then on to the Oxley highway riding in it's best direction (ascending) and then the Thuderbolts way to Stroud Road then via Dungog to Maitland.

    Now ride to Cessnock and the excellent alternative to the Putty via Wollombi, Bucketty, Central Mangrove then the Old Road to Hornsby.

    Lots and lots of corners.
  13. andrew g, another way from walcha is do head east down the oxely, this is not a road to be missed. yep true you end up on the pacific hwy, but you only travel the 60 klicks from PM to taree, then get onto buckets way and its more back roads bliss.

    the road from coffs to armidale is waterfall way, another belter. a tight, relatively short (and unforgiving) hill climb up the mountain that if you had time you'd be quite willing to do 10 or more laps of it, its that good. then the other side of ebor opens into big fast sweepers, then the long straight stuff for the last bit into armidale.