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Brisbane to Phillip Island on Penny Panigale

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by ArbitraryEmu, May 28, 2016.

  1. Ok guys, Chasing some advice!

    After an average year so far I've decided to rekindle my bucket list plan to head to Phillip Island. I'm going to take 2 weeks off work, and head from Brisbane, do the GP, and home again.
    I want to ride the best roads possible, and most of all minimise the amount of time I need to spend riding through Sydney and Melbourne.

    I was thinking aim for about 500k's per day, stay in a hotel, sneaky beer and dinner, then head off on the next leg until I arrive at the Island.
    Similar plan for the way home.

    Does anyone have any experience with possible routes I might take, places to say, things to see along the way?
    I'm geographically retarded.
    Also bear in mind I average about 180k's to a tank of fuel so fuel stops will be an issue.

    Also also, If any one would like to tag along on such an adventure, you'd be more than welcome! I haven't got anything set in concrete yet, but a decent bonus from work this year will hopefully fund this!
    Could be keen to meet interstate netriders who wish to tag along on the way!

    Appreciate any advice!

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  2. One of the Brissy meet up groups is organising a trip for this also.

    SEQ Motorcycle Riders

    You might have to sign up to see the details. 2 appear to be going at this stage. Great idea - wish I could do it.
  3. Well let me fill in part of the picture....

    Let's assume you're going to try and bypass Sydney, you'll do that to the west. So, again assuming, Penrith, head through to Mulgoa, then track through Silverdale, Wallacia, The Oaks, then down to Picton, across to the Mount Ousley Road.

    Down through the west of Wollongong and follow the Prince's Highway down the coast as far as Bega.

    (For extra fillip, turn onto the Illawarra Highway at Yallah, ride up Macquarie Pass and down Jamberoo Pass (turn left at the Famous Robertson Pie Shop), right at the bottom and through Jamberoo and rejoin the Prince's Highway at Kiama).

    At Bega right up the Brown Mountain, then left onto the Monaro Highway, then right onto the Snowy Mountains Highway, through Dalgety, (left, then right over the bridge, and into the western side of Jindabyne.

    Then the fun really starts: Alpine Highway through Khancoban and into Victoria at Corryong. Around the eastern end of Lake Hume to Wodonga, a boring 100km transport stage down the Hume Freeway, then left at Benalla and out to Bonnie Doon and down to Alexandra, and into the East of the Melbourne environs at Coldstream.

    Then you can head up the Maroondah Highway, cut right at Yarra Junction and head down through Powelltown towards Packenham and then any of the several ways of getting to the Island itself.
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  4. Its Saturday night and Im bored (I know sad isnt it) check this out:

    New route

    Dunno if you can see this but I would do something similar. Not sure how this suits your timing or fuel needs, I just punched in the roads Ive done and one I would love to do.
    Must rides are:
    Oxley Hwy whether its east to west or vise versa it don't matter, its awesome either way.
    Thunderbolts Way is bumpy but good fun with some great scenery thrown in.
    Putty Rd is very popular for Sydneysiders for good reason, it has it all.
    Macquarie Pass / Kangaroo Valley combo is great fun.
    Snowy Mtns Hwy, Elliot Way, Granya Rd = spectacular.
    Whitfield - Mansfield Rd, Eildon - Jamieson Rd is twisty heaven.
    Wood Points Rd through Marysville and Reefton is great fun as well.
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  5. Cheers for the info guys!
    They all look like good plans, I have to admit committing to 500k's a day for 4 days is a little intimidating for me on a bike I've never ridden more than 300k's a day on lol!
    Although, makes a good excuse to do some "training" to get "bike fit" haha!
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    If you wanna bypass Sydney New route
    Considering your bike will do only 180/190km per tank your gonna have to carefully plan your fuel stops well, especially through the Snowys.

    It wont be easy on your bike, not exactly a 'touring' machine but you'll have fun that's for sure.
    500km a day is fairly easy on open back country roads, you'll be surprised how quickly you can chew the kays up
  7. Sure isn't a touring bike! haha! Although, it is a lot more comfortable for a long ride than my 04 fireblade was!

    Fuel may be an issue, I get 180 until the fuel light comes on.....

    Exciting prospect for an adventure nonetheless
  8. Icemaker, your links require membership....
  9. Early starts might help, I'm on the road by 7.30 - 8.00 most mornings as I'm generally awake early(occupational hazard), you can then knock off mid afternoon if you want, I find late afternoon/early evening to be the most tiring if you HAVE to make it to a destination
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  10. 500 a day? Well thats like 2 hours road time 250 ks perhr × 2 -easy! Lol:hungry:
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  11. #12 ArbitraryEmu, May 29, 2016
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    Looks cool, stuffed if I know where I'd put it though? I'll have a back pack, but it'll likely be full with change of clothes, and wet weather gear, and some tools for Justin ;-p

    Early start for the win! Heaps of coffee and on the road at 8!

    That is true, early start on the road by 8, stop for a lunch and fuel, then next leg, refuel......... sneaky beers, dinner, bed!
  12. Nearly 3000k's! I'll nearly have to put new tires on to get home haha
  13. Membership is free and its good route planning tool, you can save the routes as files to suit your GPS too(y)
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  14. Or one of these
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  15. Yeah I feared that would be the case but google maps is a bit limited for long routes.
    I'd suggest registering as I've found it invaluable. Runs on google maps so it's familiar, it's free, unlimited waypoints, export the routes in multiple file types, etc etc. Highly recommended
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  16. This sounds awesome, don't think I can do the whole trip though.
  17. I test rode an 899 last year for about half an hour. I'm pretty sure I ended up with a deviated septum and dislocated coccyx just by running over an ant. You must have buns of steel to do that ride.

    It sounds like a great plan. Have fun as it sounds like it's going to be an epic story when you get back.
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  18. To be honest, Ive found it easier to ride longer distances than my old fireblade!

    Pussy! :p pull the trigger and get it done....... to be fair a lot of planning involved :-/

    Signed up, its pretty good! looks like a good track, just having some trouble trying to organise deviations for fuel and accommodation
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